Roommates Can be a Major Challenge

Roommates Can be a Major Challenge

At the point when you were ready to move to college again and work on your Masters Degree you felt as if you were almost to the point of not having to ask so often for personal advice. The latest situation with one of your two roommates, however, has been more than frustrating.

With three girls living in a two floor apartment there really should be plenty of room. You and roommate number two live on the second floor and only use the first floor for entering and exiting and use of the kitchen. Roommate number three asked to live on the first floor and you were happy to oblige. As it turns out, the two of you living upstairs are more than grateful that roommate number three is on the first floor.

Being on different levels, however, does not eliminate all of the problems. After a series of events that have lead to roommate number three announcing that she was moving out, you and roommate number one were initially relieved. However, the third roommate is continuing to antagonize you and your other roommate to the point that you felt we had to recode the locks on the doors. You have only lived in this particular student housing since a month before Christmas and when you returned the second week of January 13, things have been increasingly stressful

Apparently the third roommate’s world blew up last week and now everything is the fault of you and roommate number two. Neither of you living in the apartment have seen roommate number three in person since then. She posted on social media and called the landlord saying she was moving out and was looking for a new roommate, despite signing a lease with you. The fact that she has made all of these announcements without giving you or roommate number two any notice is especially problematic.

The Best On and Off Campus Housing Options Often Disappear Quickly

Student housing options can e especially problematic in some parts of the country. From individual problems with roommates to understanding the specifics of University of Delaware UD off campus student housing, many times the need for intervention and representation is necessary. Fortunately, if you are part of an on campus housing program you can likely get the help that you need when it comes to extreme roommate situations. Although there are differences from on campus to another, when you are using UD off campus student housing you need to see if the place you have selected is really following the college regulations that are used for on campus dormitories.

Whether you are looking at UD off campus student housing as a student or you are in the process of graduating and getting your first non student housing rental, it is always important to make sure that you carefully consider all of the details. From deposits to monthly rent amounts to understanding who will be paying for the utilities, there are often things that can be confusing. This confusion, of course, means that you can end up owing much more money than you might expect if you are not careful.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the renting habits of Americans and the impact that they have on the economy of the nation:

  • More U.S. households are now headed by renters than at any point since the year 1965, according to a 2017 analysis of Census Bureau housing data conducted by Pew Research Center.
  • Financial advisers recommend that your monthly rent and utility bills should represent no more than 30% of your monthly net, which is after tax, income.
  • The share of U.S. households renting increased from 36.1% in the year 2006 to 41.1% in the year 2014, according to a recent report conducted by Trulia. This jump was particularly notable among Millennials, 71.6% of whom rented in the year 2014.
  • The Rental Protection Agency estimates that those between the ages of 15 and 34 make up 40.6% of renters in the U.S.
  • As many as 2,654 individuals enter the rental market every day in need of housing, according to the Rental Protection Agency.
  • Whether you are looking for UD off campus student housing or you are searching for housing options for your first job, it is important to carefully investigate.

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