Uncle Sam Needs You To Show Your Support For Veterans And Military Families

Uncle Sam Needs You To Show Your Support For Veterans And Military Families

Clothes donations

Modern American families have it tough. Between hectic schedules and ensuring the needs of each family member are met, in addition to the the rising cost of living, the going can get rough.

Military families have to deal with all of these factors and more, with added challenges such as long deployments, frequent moves, and tight budgets. In fact, the unemployment rate for veterans is 2% higher than the national average for civilians.

With the new school year in session, now is the perfect time to make charitable donations for military families and veterans. As American citizens, showing support for military families is an important aspect of our duty. Though many Americans are eager to help, choosing how or where to begin can be difficult.

There are a large number of both local and national organizations that make helping military families easier than ever. Donations for military families come in many forms, such as monetary donations, time, or food. However, clothing donations are an excellent way to give back. As an added convenience, many charities offer donation pick up services, in which donations can be picked up right from the donor’s home.

Clothing donations are beneficial to both the environment as well as military families and veterans. Almost 99% of clothing, fabric, and textile that is discarded can be recycled or reused, yet Americans discard nearly 68 lbs of clothing per person, per year.

Donating clothes keeps unnecessary waste and pollution out of landfills, which are already burdened and struggle to accommodate waste. Additionally, donating gently used clothing is an excellent way of giving back to the community and supporting a great cause.

However Americans decide to give back, any form of donations for military families no matter how seemingly small, makes a big impact!
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