Have Clothing You No Longer Wear? Consider Donating Them to Charity

Have Clothing You No Longer Wear? Consider Donating Them to Charity

Donating clothesHomelessness in the United States is an enduring problem, something the country has had to face for much of its existence. Today, the Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that more than 600,000 people in the U.S. are homeless; nearly a quarter of them are children. For these men and women, enduring the cold and finding something to eat is a constant struggle. Especially for the homeless in colder climates, braving the weather can be excruciating.

That is why charitable clothing donations are so important in the struggle against homelessness and poverty. Donating clothes as simple as a pair of socks or a white t-shirt goes a long way for the less fortunate. What is maybe more distressing than the homelessness problem in the U.S. is the waste problem in the U.S. — that is, so many reusable materials are needlessly thrown away every year. Usable textiles such as cotton, polyester, nylon, and rayon make up 5% of the total amount of garbage in the country. Of those materials, nearly 90% of them are perfectly salvageable and reusable for clothing. In 2006 for example, approximately 2.5 billion pounds of textiles were kept from being thrown away in landfills by used-clothing and recycling companies. Although this is an amazing accomplishment, the fact that so much material could have been swept away should give pause to those who care about recycling and the poor alike.

Please consider donating your lightly used clothing today to the nearest charitable organization. Charitable donations truly go a long way in helping the poor and needy, and many organizations will even pick up donations from one’s house or street. Donating clothes has never been easier!

Remember: there is no such thing as too small of a donation. Even something as simple as a pair of socks or a wool cap can mean the world to those who, for a number of reasons, are unable to help themselves.

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