Self Storage Treasures, Trash, and All the Strange In-Between

Self Storage Treasures, Trash, and All the Strange In-Between

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Self Storage is a wonderful thing: a convenient place for people to keep their treasures until they find room for them at home. Sometimes, people keep other things in their storage units, stranger things. For your consideration, here are some of the weirdest things ever found in self storage units.

  • Relatives There have been several reports of urns of cremated human remains being found in abandoned storage units all across the country. In January of 2012, a 95-year old woman was found, embalmed, in her coffin in a Clearwater, Florida storage facility. The body had been in storage for 17 years, since the woman’s death in 1995.
  • Comics Stolen From Nicholas Cage In 2000, a copy of Action Comics #1 was stolen from the house of Nicholas Cage, along with a few others. The other books were recovered shortly after the theft, but Action Comics #1, which documents the first appearance of Superman, remained missing until 2011. When the missing comic book was found in an abandoned storage facility in California, it was returned to Mr. Cage, who promptly put it up for auction. The comic sold for $2,161,000.
  • Space Travel Paraphernalia In April of 2011, the stars and staff of Spike TV’s hit show ‘Auction Hunters’ purchased the contents of a storage unit near Cape Canaveral, Florida, for $1,500. Inside, they found a rocket and a countdown clock that had once belonged to NASA. The items had been stashed in storage when the space program in which they were used was discontinued.
  • Hollywood Memorabilia a la Burt Reynolds Burt Reynolds kept his storage facility so packed with random stuff that the people who bought it at auction decided to open a museum in Jupiter, Florida. There, visitors can view such items as the canoe from Deliverance, the bill of sale from the purchase of Roy Rogers’ horse, Trigger, a framed letter from Reynolds’ doctor regarding spleen surgery, and a horse carriage built by Dolly Parton.

While many of us will never need to store our deceased grandmother or a space rocket, self storage rentals can be a great solution during a move, home renovations, or just to create some extra space in the house.

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