FAQ What Are Cremation Keepsakes?

FAQ What Are Cremation Keepsakes?

Titanium cremation jewelry

Each year, U.S. cemeteries and funeral homes bury about 30 million board feet of caskets, 105,000 tons of steel, 1.6 million tons of concrete, and almost 830,000 gallons of embalming fluids like formaldehyde. In total, 1.5 million caskets are used in an average of 2.4 million funerals every year in the United States.

But each year more Americans choose cremation over traditional burial options. In fact, the National Funeral Directors Association estimated that 56% of funerals will involve cremation by 2017.

Why are burial customs in the states undergoing such a radical change?

One major reason is the prohibitive cost of embalming and casket burials, which puts an incredible financial burden on a family already struggling to cope with profound grief and loss.

More than that, cremation allows for the possibility of unique cremation keepsakes than more traditional burial options.

So what are cremation keepsakes? Do you have to choose between a cremation urn for ashes and memorial keepsakes?

Cremation keepsakes are small containers designed to hold a small portion of ashes, while cremation urns for ashes are used for burial, scattering, or display in a home or mausoleum. There are many cremation keepsakes available, including miniature urns, cremation jewelry for ashes, boxes, lamps, candle holders, and more.

What exactly is cremation jewelry?

Cremation jewelry holds a small portion of ashes, usually about a quarter of a cubic inch. Ash cremation jewelry includes urn pendants, ash necklaces, and cremation bracelets. Some are simple pendants designed to be worn under the clothes and close to the heart, while other memorial necklaces for ashes include ornate designs with gold or titanium.

Can cremation jewelry and memorial keepsakes be used for pets?

Yes, in fact that is one of the most popular uses of cremation keepsakes. More and more people choose pet urns for ashes or some kind of pendant, jewelry, or candle holder containing part of their pet’s remains.

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