3 Easy Tips for Giving Disabled Veterans Donations and Helping Families in Need

3 Easy Tips for Giving Disabled Veterans Donations and Helping Families in Need

Helping disabled veterans

If you’re like many people, you probably want to help others but have no clue where to start. Approximately 70% of Americans give to charity each year, but for the remainder there could be a number of reasons why they don’t. While some of that 30% may themselves be recipients of others’ charity, there may be some people who simply don’t know how to begin giving in their communities. One of the simplest ways, however, is to donate household items, including clothing, electronics, furniture, and other goods, to local charities.

Finding a worthy cause, especially one close to your heart, may be the first step, but there are other tips you need to follow before you donate. Whether you want to give disabled veterans donations or focus on helping families in need, there are charities that will take what you have to offer. Here are three tips to help you get started on your journey to help others:

Deep clean your home.

Spring cleaning doesn’t only have to happen once per year. Give your home more than a once-over and find out what you’ve been holding onto for too long. Do those garments still fit you or your children? Do you have old electronics that have been put into storage? If you’ve come across household items that you no longer need, it may be time to turn them over to someone who could use them.

Do your research.

Perhaps most importantly, make sure that the items you give to charity are ones that are actually needed, and find the best charities to donate to for a particular cause. For instance, if you’re interested in giving disabled veterans donations, then you might find wounded veterans charities in your area that are looking for items. Many of these charity organizations seek out items such as used clothing donations and household donations, including furniture, small appliances, and electronics. If you’re not sure what they need, just ask.

Find a way to give.

Not all charities accept donations the same way, and for some you may have to make an effort to give. Some charities that accepted disabled veterans donations will pick up items at your house, such as the many Purple Heart pick ups. In other cases, you may have to find clothing drop off locations that are open during convenient hours.

How do you like to help others in your community? Do you think locally or globally? Tell us how you prefer to donate to others in the comments.

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