Want An Easy Fix for Falling Asleep Faster? Try Adjustable Beds!

Want An Easy Fix for Falling Asleep Faster? Try Adjustable Beds!

Mattress for adjustable bed

The hospitality industry is catching on to a new item that might revolutionize the way you sleep. Some hotels are investing in a sleep system bed for their rooms, which is a type of adjustable bed. They claim it provides a better night sleep, as it supports your spine more effectively and relieves pressure on pressure points in your body. However, you don’t have to go to a fancy hotel to get your own sleep system bed. You can find different styles of adjustable beds at retail stores or online. Sleeping on an adjustable bed might help improve your quality of sleep and your ability to fall asleep in the first place, especially if you’ve been using a flat mattress, which is more unsupportive.
One such brand that sells sleep comfort adjustable beds is that of Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds, which have been on the market for over 40 years. You can see their success by the number of adjustable bed systems they’ve sold: over 1.1 million of them. Additionally, they have beds for sale that have optional heat and massage options. These options can help you if you suffer from any of the following:

  • low back pain
  • minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue or overexertion
  • edema or swelling of the legs
  • poor local blood circulation of the legs
  • symptoms of hiatus hernia
  • nighttime heartburn
  • symptoms of gastric reflux

Another way an additional heating accessory can help is by giving an individual brief relief from mild arthritis or joint pain. Muscle pain from stress and tension throughout the day can also be relieved by a heat accessory. Additionally, studies have proven that sleeping in a more upright position can reduce or help with light and occasional snoring.
Why Use Adjustable Beds?
The National Sleep Foundation reports that the top medical issues that keep people from falling asleep are back and neck pain, TMJ, and headaches. An adjustable bed may help with these, the Foundation states, by relieving pressure in those areas of the body that keep sleep from being a comfortable experience. An adjustable bed supports the top half of your body like a couch or a chair, but lets you remain in your bed. You can also adjust the angle of your incline to make it the best fit for you and your sleeping needs.
Where To Find An Adjustable Bed
You can look online to find a sleep system bed at a potentially better price. However, online is also a good place to look if you know a specific brand that you want to invest in. If you’re not exactly sure and want to test out a few different brands, going to a mattress store or a department store might be your best bet.
Even if you get an adjustable bed, you’ll want to be aware of your eating and exercising habits, as these can also affect the way you sleep. Be sure to talk to your doctor or other healthcare professional if you continue to have issues falling or staying asleep.

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