Picking the Perfect Furniture for Your Home

Picking the Perfect Furniture for Your Home

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When deciding to decorate or re-decorate your house there are a few things to keep in mind. Whether you are furnishing a home for yourself, a rental home, furnishing a condo or a beach house keep these tips for furnishing a home in mind. Furniture stores have a vast selection of interior design pieces and you can become overwhelmed quickly. With a little planning and by utilizing interior design advice, you can make the furnishing process simple and smooth.

Decide on a Theme
Whether you are aiming for a rustic look or a breezy beach house look, making sure all your pieces flow together will help the room come together. Use sheer lightweight curtains in your beach house or condo to keep the airy breeze affect from room to room in your house. Help your guests envision a water view by utilizing items found out by the ocean, such as sea grass combined with sea blue colors and sandy neutral colors. Barn wood furniture is extremely popular making it sought after quite a bit. This could be due in part to the richness aged wood brings to a room.

Measure and Decide the Layout
Measure the living area so you can ensure that all of your furniture will fit as you want it to. Measure the doorways to ensure that they are wide enough for the furniture to come through. There is nothing worse than buying the perfect piece of furniture after shopping at numerous furniture stores, only to realize once you get it home that it will not fit in the doorways. Decide how you want the room to be used. Will it be a daily use room for your family? Or will it be used on occasion to entertain guests? These decisions will influence the type of furniture you want in the room.

Picking the Perfect Pieces
Start with the basics of the room first. If your furnishing your living room choose the couch, chair, loveseat and coffee tables before thinking about ottomans, side tables and lamps. If you are furnishing a bedroom start with the bed, dresser and nightstand before picking wall pieces and lamps. Choosing the larger pieces of furniture first helps you know how much extra room you will have to avoid over crowding the room. Chests and ottomans not only add to a room, but they provide extra seating when company comes over to visit. Use these items sparingly to keep from crowding out a small space.

Furniture stores and home furnishing stores brought in over 101 billion dollars in sales in 2013. The wonderful thing about furniture is that you can change it when you want to. Styles change over time, and what works now may not work forever. By incorporating all your pieces of furniture together you can switch out single pieces of furniture a little easier than having to replace all the furniture in your area.

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