The Most Popular American Home Furnishing Styles For Do-It-Yourself Homeowners

The Most Popular American Home Furnishing Styles For Do-It-Yourself Homeowners

Tips for furnishing a home

Sometimes your home could use a touch-up. Knowing where to start when you have hundreds of options at your disposal, however, is a less easy answer. Home furnishing styles come in endless colors, styles and themes, allowing you more choices than you know what to do with when seeking out something fun to do for the weekend. For those starting to pull their hair in indecisive frustration, you’ve come to the right piece. Below are some useful tips for furnishing a home, from furniture shopping to popular themes that can see your house transforming into its better self in a matter of days.

Leather Furniture

Let’s start out with simplicity. No matter the theme you choose for your home, leather furniture has a way of blending in with any style. A leather sofa can last for a dozen years in good fashion, while leather chairs can provide a fitting accessory for any living room set-up. Remember to keep your leather furniture away from heat sources, such as a heater or open window, as the temperature will dry the leather out and cause wrinkles. Should you spill anything on your leather furniture, make sure to wipe it off with a clean cloth to avoid long-term stains.

Wood Furniture

For those that want a more rustic appearance, barnwood furniture is a prime choice. It’s an extremely sought after choice for many, with aged wood providing a richness that can’t be easily replicated. Consider using it for coastal decor, simulating the classic feel of the beach by combining items that cultivate an ocean setting. Sandy neutrals and sea blues are prime colors, while wood furniture can hearken to driftwood and nearby forests. Reclaimed wood is often reclaimed from old furniture and bridges, to boot, making it as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful.

Popular Styles

There are many popular home furnishing styles you can try out for your entire home or specific rooms. The aforementioned coastal decor is much beloved in the United States, particularly the west and east coast, and can be easily replicated by choosing the right furniture and accessories. One beach decor tip is using sheer, lightweight cotton curtains for your windows to simulate an airy effect, while nautical decorations can go a long way in pushing the theme to its limits. Additional home furnishing styles are Western decor, modern and classical.

Common Pitfalls

When searching for furniture be sure to avoid these common pitfalls so you don’t waste your money and end up with a lackluster result you’re unsatisfied with. Plastic and metal furniture legs don’t look as nice as wooden ones and are unforgiving toward floors. They also don’t hold up well to the test of time. Another frequent mistake homeowners make is neglecting to measure their home properly before buying, leading to a lot of back and forth between the store and their house.

Creating The Style You’ve Always Wanted

Crafting a home furnishing budget is easier with a plan. For those looking to save on cash, Valentine’s Day as well as Memorial Day are the most popular time for countrywide furniture sales. Make sure you measure your room before buying furniture, as you don’t want to accidentally invest in anything that will end up ill-fitting. Fire-quality furniture has less apparent welding and superior sanding and finishing to the alternative, allowing you to mix and match with long-term goals in mind. The furniture and home furnishings industry have generated over $100 billion worth of sales over the past few years. Are you ready to take advantage of your options?

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