What To Include In Your Luxury Custom House Designs

What To Include In Your Luxury Custom House Designs

Luxury custom home builders

Let’s say you have commissioned designer home plans from some custom home builders in Georgia that specialize in luxury custom house designs. Or you’re talking to some Myrtle Beach custom home builders about luxury home designs for your dream place. You’ve envisioned every detail, and you know exactly how you want it to be…

The issue with luxury custom house designs is that, because of their unique and often extravagant character, certain details can go missing along the way. Like the fact that your one-of-a-kind front door (that you imported from China) doesn’t close tight enough to prevent heat loss during the winter. Or the glass partitions in the upstairs loft end up ruining the acoustics of the entire house. These may seem like absurd or ostentatious problems to have, but nothing is worse than spending millions of dollars on something you end up being dissatisfied with.

So what should you make sure to discuss with the people helping you put together your luxury custom home designs? We’ve assembled some quick and easy suggestions for your benefit.

    Contractors will charge 15 to 25% of the total price for building your house, so make sure to take this into consideration.

    When setting up the kitchen, remember that convection ovens cook 25 percent faster and use less energy than traditional models.

    Smart systems integrated into the whole house, for control over music, security and other digital features all from one’s tablet or phone, are one of the most popular inclusions in custom home plans.

    When planning your home’s energy systems, remember that geothermal systems use 25 to 50% less energy than their traditional counterparts, and give off less emissions as well.

    It’s worth investing in top-shelf window design? air leaks can account for 30 to 40% of energy loss. By contrast, a double-paned window saves 18 to 24% of energy costs compared to a single-paned window.


Luxury custom house designs are a pleasure to work on, but it’s easy to get caught up in the fun and forget what you’ll really need once you have that stunning personal home. Remember these five facts, and you’ll be prepared to communicate exactly what you want with your luxury house builders.

Do you have experience designing or commissioning luxury homes? What would you include? Let us know below.

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