Are Adjustable Double Beds Right for You? Use This Resource to Find Out

Are Adjustable Double Beds Right for You? Use This Resource to Find Out

adjustable double bedsDo you suffer from frequent back or neck pain? Do you have a chronic condition that keeps you up at night? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you may be considering purchasing an adjustable bed. What you may not know, however, is that adjustable beds don’t simply resemble hospital beds. They come in a number of sizes and also have a number of different features, which can also help reduce pain in some cases.

So which types of adjustable beds may be just right for you? Use this quick and easy guide to determine what you need.

  • Adjustable Twin Beds: Twin adjustable beds are ideal for those who will be using the bed on their own. However, this is ideal for someone who also wants to adjust their mattress settings without disturbing a partner. Whether you will be sleeping on your own or in the same room as another, you won’t have to worry about waking anyone as long as the control are quiet, which today’s modern adjustable beds usually are.
  • Adjustable Double Beds: Couples who have the same sleep preferences or who both need to have an adjustable mattress may prefer to choose adjustable double beds. These beds are designed for two, and they will allow both partners to raise their legs and feet and/or their torsos. This means that you can either sit up in bed easily, which is perfect for bedtime reading, or raise the legs to take pressure off of them. Some also prefer to sleep with a combination of angles for the legs and torso.
  • Adjustable Queen Beds: Queen size beds are a bit wider than a standard double bed, so many couples often find them more comfortable. They have the same features as adjustable double beds, so you won’t have to worry about sleeping uncomfortably next to a partner.
  • Adjustable King Beds: King size adjustable beds are considered the pinnacle of luxury adjustable beds. One of the biggest advantages of these kinds of beds is that they can be adjusted with individual settings on either side, so both partners can determine how they will best be comfortable. Having these individuals settings means that if one partner doesn’t require an adjustable bed, he or she can simply lay flat however they choose.
  • Optional Adjustable Bed Features: Did you know that, in addition to preventing you from curling up uncomfortably and putting pressure on your spine, adjustable beds can also provide you with heating and massage functions? It’s true. Craftmatic® brand Adjustable Beds that are equipped with optional heat and massage, for instance, also may provide temporary relief from conditions such as low back pain, minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue or overexertion, edema or swelling of the legs, poor local blood circulation of the legs, symptoms of hiatus hernia, nighttime heartburn, and symptoms of gastric reflux. The optional heating accessory also provides some temporary relief from conditions like mild arthritis and joint pain, plus muscle pain associated with stress and tension. Sleeping in an upright position is beneficial for many people because it can reduce or ease light and occasional snoring.

Have more questions about choosing an adjustable bed? Be sure to leave a comment below and do more research into choosing the right adjustable mattress for your needs.

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