3 Reasons to Donate This Season

3 Reasons to Donate This Season

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As we move into the fall and winter season, more people are focused on giving back to their communities, helping families in need, and charities overall. Clothing donations and donations to veterans are especially important. Did you know that Americans only recycle and donate 15% of their clothing? Americans donate about 4.7 billion pounds of clothing annually, but 10.5 million tons ends up in landfills. Read on for details about how giving back this year can help you.

Improve Your Well-Being

Donations to veterans and giving your clothes and other items to families in need will actually help you become healthier. Giving back has proven to have a positive effect on both physical and mental health. It makes many feel more grateful for having the little things like clean water, safe shelter, and a loving family.

Be Informed

Donating your time, money, or items will likely inspire you to learn more about the cause you’re giving to. Because of this, you’ll be better informed on issues such as children living in poverty, veteran’s healthcare, and much more. You’ll be a more informed member of society, and not only that, but you’ll be putting good out into the world.

Set an Example

Lastly, donating sets a good example for your children or other family members. If they see you spending time on a worthy cause or donating things you don’t use anymore, you just may inspire them to do the same. On the same token, you’ll be raising your children to be compassionate people, attentive to the needs of people and the issues in the world around them.

Will you be giving to charity organizations this year? Which ones? What influences your decisions? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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