Home Care for Seniors Living Independently

Home Care for Seniors Living Independently

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For anyone with aging parents or relatives, there are no easy choices for elder care. Most people prefer to stay in their homes and to live independently. It’s not always possible for people dealing with the pressures of work and family life to take time out to always be at hand to care for elderly parents. And most people and families see homes for the elderly as a last resort. Home health care services help to bridge the gap, allowing the elderly to stay in their homes while receiving quality care.
Home health care services provide a wide range of services, including companionship, medical supervision and care, cooking and other domestic tasks, shopping, outings etc. Elder care at home gives you peace of mind, knowing that your parents are being looked after even if you can’t be there because of work and other commitments or because you just live too far away. With a caring, compassionate and qualified staff, elder care services can ease the transition, looking after the elderly so that they can remain in their homes and familiar surroundings for as long as possible.

A happy and healthy retirement
People value their independence and dread being a burden to family members. Over time, people have built up lives and invested not just money but love and care into their homes. As they age, people prefer to stay in their familiar surroundings, with their friends and neighbors around them.
And contrary to the popular stereotypes about retirement, people actually enjoy it. In a survey, 48% of the readers of Money magazine who had retired said that they were surprised to find that they were happier than they expected. With the average age at retirement at 63, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the golden years. Surveys have found that people who keep busy during retirement and enjoy good health are happier.
However, age takes its toll and health problems do surface. Home health care make it possible for retirees and the elderly to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

Home health care services for the elderly
Home care services provided by qualified, vetted and compassionate staff can make it easier for the elderly to stay in their homes rather than moving to a home. Such services take into account all the needs of an elderly person living alone. They can include the following and more:

  • In-home personal care and assistance for daily living
  • Transportation for doctor visits, errands, shopping, etc.
  • Light housekeeping, meal planning and preparation
  • Companion care
  • Respite care
  • Home care management

With all these services and many others, home care services also serve another very important function, which is to provide respite care for caregivers. Caregivers who are able to live with their elderly relatives rarely think about the strains this places on themselves, and have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends. Home health care offers caregivers a respite to catch up on errands, meet up with friends or just enjoy a few quiet hours.

The importance of respite care
For caregivers with elderly relatives in the house, it is important to remember that this is a long haul situation. Adding elder care to a lot of other responsibilities means additional demands on your time, concentration and effort. It is important for caregivers to pace themselves, allowing for a few hours’ respite each week.

Home health services can help by filling in when caregivers need time to attend to important errands, go to PTA meetings or just enjoy a quiet evening out with a movie and dinner.

Home health services allow the elderly to remain in their homes and familiar surroundings, while easing the burdens on families. Especially if you live far away from aging parents or relatives, it can be a source of comfort to know that they are well looked after.

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