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We have more stuff in this country than we have ever had before. There is stuff everywhere and we think we always need more stuff but we never want to take care of the old stuff. Too much stuff!

Donating some of that stuff, however, can be a great way to clear up some space for you, and can also be used for helping families in need.

Every year, the average person in the U.S. throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing. That certainly adds up to an insanely high number, about 10.5 million tons of clothes are tossed into landfills every year. That is literally the definition of waste, in more ways than one.

Instead of throwing out those millions of tons of clothes, giving them away can have so many more benefits. Clothing donations and charitable donations do not have to be for only the morally elite. Anyone can help and anyone can donate.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when donating.

  • If you haven’t used an item of clothing in six months and you live in a one to two season climate, it’s probably time to donate that piece of clothing.
  • Social media can lead to taking action regarding donations. About 70% of social media users agree they would take some action after seeing a friend’s post about making charitable donations.
  • Donations can also be used as a tax write-off.
    • It’s required by the IRS that you get an appraisal with your tax return if you donated any item that is not in good condition or better that you deducted more than $500.
    • Men’s overcoats and suits can be worth around $60 as a tax write-off.
    • Any charitable donations worth more than $250 will require a write off.
    • An average coffee maker can be worth anywhere from $4 to $15 as a tax write-off.
  • Nearly 100% of household clothing and textiles can be recycled, no matter the quality or condition of the item. They can be cleaned, reused, and will be able to assist in helping families in need.
  • About 45% of clothing that has been recycled is worn as secondhand clothes.

Americans only donate or recycle about 15% of their old clothing that they never use. We all need to work together to improve our donation rates. Along with helping families in need, donating can save the environment, clear up space, and genuinely put us in a better mood. More like this. Read more.

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