Don’t Forget These Important Tips During Your Spring Cleaning Extravaganza

Don’t Forget These Important Tips During Your Spring Cleaning Extravaganza

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Spring time is finally here! It’s time to put away all those nasty snow scrapers and winter clothing. One of the best (or worst) parts about springtime is spring cleaning, depending on how you feel about the issue. Regardless if you enjoy cleaning or not, your house is probably a mess and needs to be handled. Here are a few things to remember while you’re doing your spring cleaning that should help you:

  • Get rid of extra clothing — Getting rid of all that clothing that no one wears before you start cleaning can make the process so much easier. Don’t just throw them out, either. About 12 million tons of clothes were thrown out in the U.S. every year. Only two million tons were used as clothing donations. Take all that unused clothes to charitable donations. Even if it takes a few hundred trips (that’s a lot of clothes), making clothing donations can not only help clear up plenty of space in your home, it can also help people in need. Donate clothes to help you, the environment, and people around the country. The average U.S. citizen buys about 10 pounds of used clothing each year; so you know it’s not going to waste.
  • Don’t forget about the outside — It’s springtime. Enjoy the spring! Just because it’s spring cleaning doesn’t mean you should ignore the outside of your property until you’re completely done with the inside. It can be depressing to spend hours and days at a time locked inside cleaning while the outside is calling for you. Take a break from cleaning inside the house and go get some fresh air. Cleaning around the garden, deck or patio, lawn care, or just admiring the outside can really help give you that spring cleaning boost you need.
  • Once it’s clean, keep it clean — The first spring clean of the year can actually be a lot of fun. You can blast some of your favorite tunes and clean every inch of your home. The second time you have to clean your house is not as fun. It can feel like a huge waste of time if you spend days cleaning your home and then a few weeks later you’re right back at it again. Clean your home thoroughly, but then keep it clean.

Simple things like making clothing donations, spending time in the garden, and planning out how to keep your house clean can really make spring cleaning seem a little easier. The most important aspect of spring cleaning… have fun and enjoy your home!

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