Donate Clothes to Red Cross and Change the World

Donate Clothes to Red Cross and Change the World

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For most people in the modern first world society, life is quite good. Sure, there are sources of stress from jobs and daily responsibilities. Life is not perfect for anyone. But all things considered, there are many people who do not want for much. Unfortunately there is a rather large divide between those who have what they want and need in life, and those who are barely getting by. Now more than ever, it is important to watch out for each other, and to strive to close that gap between the haves and the have-nots. The problem that some people face is in figuring out how to make a difference. What can the average person do to help others? One big step in the right direction is to donate clothes to Red Cross.

Donate clothes to Red Cross and make a difference on multiple levels
You may not think that your used clothing donations make much of an impact, but you would be mistaken. First, look at the most basic benefit: you get rid of things that you are not using! A clutter-free home does wonders. Make a habit of regularly cleaning out closets and drawers so that you do not have excess clothing and household items just sitting around taking up space. This will greatly improve life at home. But beyond the immediate and obvious advantages that you will see yourself, once you take in those clothing donations, there will be a ripple effect, impacting more lives in more ways than you might initially imagine.

The impact of donations that you don’t see
Around 70% of Americans make contributions to a charity every year. There are many worthy organizations, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine just where those donations are going. By doing a little bit of research about the organizations in your community that accept clothing donations, you can rest assured that your contribution is going to the right cause.

When you donate clothing, there could be a few different results. Your used clothing might go directly to a family or individual in need, one that cannot afford to spend money on new outfits. Or it could go to a secondhand store that sells the clothing at affordable prices. This could help others in at least a couple of different ways. By selling the clothing at discounted prices, it becomes affordable for those who are not as well off. Additionally, many of these types of places will donate the proceeds from the sale of the clothes to people or organizations that directly benefit those in need. But believe it or not, that is not even the full extent of the impact that you will make when you donate clothes to Red Cross or other charity organizations.

Taking care of your fellow human and the earth alike
It has been estimated that people across the United States buy almost 20 billion articles of clothing and similar items each and every year. When you break down the numbers, that is the equivalent of 68 garments and seven pairs of shoes for every single person, or more than one new article of clothing that is purchased per person per week. The problem is, we don’t need that much clothing, and we certainly do not wear that much. Things quickly get forgotten in the backs of closets and bottoms of dresser drawers. And when that spring cleaning comes, if those extra materials are not donated but thrown out instead, they end up in already overflowing landfills.

The Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that individuals across the country are each throwing away an average of 10 pounds of clothing every single year. Landfills can only hold so much, and we are already running out of space for such waste. There must be a shift in the collective mentality of society in order to turn things around. We have created this disaster, but we also have the power to reverse it and live more consciously.

You can make a difference when you donate clothes to Red Cross or other organizations. The power to change the world is in all of us, and it can begin with the smallest of actions, like cleaning out your closet.

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