Three Facts About Apartment Cleaning

Three Facts About Apartment Cleaning

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One of the toughest tasks for a busy individual or a busy family is the task of cleaning the house. Unless there is someone in the family dedicated to cleaning each day it is easy to fall behind. This especially true for young couples or young people living in aparts who engage in apartment cleaning.

There are countelss facts one could rattle off about apartment cleaning. For instance, most people on average will change their bed sheets every two weeks. 87% of all women believe that their clean home is a direct refelction of themselves. Also, you only have to scrub the fridge every two or three weeks but you should always replace those sponges. Here are three great quality facts about apartment cleaning.

Clean Your Carpet Often

Out of all Americans, 84% think that the only way their home can be truly clean is if they have a clean carpet. Also, 22% of all Americans believe that one item dirtier than their toilet seat is the carpet in their house. Those are two facts that reveal how important a clean carpet is too most homeowners.

The Environment Protection Agency recommends that homeowners go through the process of deep cleaning their caprets as often as every six months or more. Make sure you give your carpet the cleaning attention it deserves as it is the foundation of your clean home.

Get The Right Cleaning Products

Cleaning products have been used by homeowners to clean bathroom tiles, sink counters, kitchen counters, and all other surfaces since the beginning of the modern times. While cleaning products do good things to your home, they can also bring some bad side effects.

Understand that the sales of green cleaning products have risen by 35% recently. This is because people are cautious about the toxic chemicals that can be found in household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than outside air, according to the EPA. Cleaning compounds and soap comrpise for 30,948 tons of hazardous waste annually as well. There is no reason you cannot avoid these hazardous compounds. Any cleaning product listed as “100% vegan” indicate zero animal testing and no animal by-products.

Maybe Hire A Cleaning Service

Now that you have reached this point you have already gotten two great facts that strictly pertain to apartment cleaning. You can make sure you avoid horrible chemicals and you also know how often you should clean your carpet. This section is going to be for people who spend most of their time at work and do not have time to clean. These people can truly see the benefits of hiring a maid or cleaning services.

Dependable maid service and an experienced maid service can be quite helpful to you if you have a loaded schedule. Understand first and foremost that any family whom hires a cleaning service will get an estimated 730 hours or 30 days a year by getting a maid service to help with apartment cleaning. As of right now in the United States there are 894,920 maids at work.

Another reason you may want to consider hiring a maid service is if you are someone that is a business owner and has an office filled with employees. You will to make sure that the office is cleaned properly in order to protect your reputation. Employees in a clean office have an 805% reduced probability of catching the common cold and influenza. Also, an office can reduce time missed because of illnesses by simply having it regularly cleaned.

The process of apartment cleaning is not easy, the same way that cleaning a house or an office is not easy. It is a process that takes a lot of dedication and focus on details. If you are someone who is busy you will want to make sure yo uconsider hiring a cleaning service. However, if you have the free time to clean your house or get engaged with apartment cleaning then you should make sure you know the facts. Look at the standards of what the EPA recommends and that is a great guide to keeping your apartment clean.

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