3 Things Your House Keeper Wants You to Know But Doesn’t Tell You

3 Things Your House Keeper Wants You to Know But Doesn’t Tell You

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You simply don?t have the time or energy to keep your home sparkling clean. With all of your other responsibilities keeping you busy, cleaning is just one task that gets swept under the rug (though it?s probably the only thing being swept anywhere). Hiring a cleaning service is a great way to improve your quality of life.

If you?ve never had a cleaning service come to your home before, there are a few things you should consider ahead of time. Here are the top three things your cleaning person will certainly appreciate.

  1. Tidy up beforehand. It isn?t necessary, but it will certainly go a long way towards helping your cleaning person get to the big stuff quicker. If you take just 10 to 15 minutes to declutter your living room, it will free them up to get down to the dirty work that you really hate doing yourself.
  2. Be honest. If there is something that you are super picky about, let your home or apartment cleaning person know. Even the most experienced maid service workers are not psychics. If you want something handled with special care and attention or you want them to focus on a particular part of your home, speak up. Custom cleaning services are designed to tailor their work to your specific needs. Also, if you are unsatisfied with their work, respectfully bring it up with your house cleaner. They would rather hear your feedback than be suddenly replaced by another cleaning service.
  3. Don?t micromanage. Professionals working for custom cleaning services are generally experienced and skilled at what they do. There is no need to give overly detailed instructions on simple tasks like how to clean a floor or wash a window. One of the benefits of hiring custom cleaning services is to give you a break, so relax. It is perfectly okay to take a step back and let them do what you are paying them to do.
  4. Stick with one dependable maid service. With just one person cleaning your home, you are guaranteed consistent results. The more often the same maid works in your home, the more familiar they become with your preferences. It allows the whole process to go quickly and smoothly.

If you hire a house cleaner, what other tips do you have for making the most of your maid service experience? Feel free to share below.

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