Random Facts On Cleaning Your Workplace

Random Facts On Cleaning Your Workplace

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There are a large amount of business owners in America that try to get their business ahead of the pack every single year. There are so many different ways for business owners to try and make their businesses successful while also separating them from other business that is their competition. The competition can stiff, so this is why so many business owners will grasp at just about anything that can help them.

One of the many ways that a business can get ahead of other businesses is by simply keeping the workplace clean. Yes, I know that this sounds silly to read but it is incredibly true. Hiring a spring cleaning service to come and take care of your workplace is going to be a big part of helping your business clean.

While hiring a spring cleaning service is important many people are ignorant to the many aspects of the cleaning services industry which include apartment cleaning, the benefits of hiring a maid, experienced maid cleaning service, and hiring a maid service. Here is what you should know about cleaning your workplace, hiring a spring cleaning service, and everything in between.

Just about 22% of all Americans believe that their carpet is dirtier than their toilet seat. Yes, this is insane to think but it is actually true. Keep in mind that nearly 85% of all people in the United STates believe that having a clean carpet is essential for having a clean home. So make sure you get the right spring cleaning service to come in and keep the carpet at your business clean.

The Environment Protection Agency, or the EPA, believes that homeowners and business owners should deep clean their carpets nearly every six months. Almost 90% of all women believe that having a clean home is a reflection of self and that goes both ways, which means that if your business is clean some people will see it as a reflection of you and likewise if it is dirty.
If you get someone to clean your business you will save yourself the time that can be put into other areas of making your business successful like creating business plans and hiring good employees. Understand that there are almost 850,000 United States maids working across the country. If you hire a spring cleaning service then you will get a good set of workers to come in and handle your cleaning.

While you shower in your house make sure you run the bathroom fan to prevent any mold build up. A lot of people are clean freaks so much so that people will, on average, change their bed sheets every two weeks. Save the floors for last so that you do not clean them twice. These are some of the random facts that only a spring cleaning service can help you.

The sales of cleaning products that are environmentally friendly cleaning products have gone up by almost 35% as of late. The EPA found that some of the toxic chemicals in household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than the outside air so make sure your spring cleaning service is going to be using healthy cleaning products. Also, know that almost one out of every three cleaning products will contain chemicals that contain ingredients that are believed to cause human health or environmental problems.

Soap and other cleaning products make up just about 31,000 tons of hazardous waste annually. Many people do not know this fact but often a spring cleaning service will know what types of products to use. this is important because you need to keep your workplace clean. Clean offices will reduce the probability of catching a cold and influenza by almost 80%.

In Conclusion

If your office is cleaned regularly then you will reduce absenteeism by 46%. Dust exposure can hurt a worker’s skills by 6%.
spring cleaning service. Make sure you hire a good company that is reliable and can come in and clean your carpet and workplace in a quick manner. While it may seem like a minor thing to focus on, it will definitley help you out in terms of keeping your employees healthy and working hard.

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