7 Tips for Getting the Right Rental Furniture

7 Tips for Getting the Right Rental Furniture

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When you are planning any kind of big event (wedding, sweet 16), you have a thousand details that you have to take care of. In addition to the big decisions that have to be made such as getting the right venue, catering and date, you have a host of other decisions to make. Somewhere on your list is what you should do about renting tables and chairs. Do you want white plastic stacking rental chairs? Are white wedding padded rental chairs better? What about renting a tent? These are questions that you will need to answer. Here are some tips to make getting the right furniture for your event easier.

  1. Ask the people you know. You have to know someone who has thrown a big party or planned a big event. Find out who they used, how the found them, how much they paid and what they thought of the experience. They may even have some insight as to if you want white plastic stacking rental chairs or not. You may not end up using the same rental company but the recommendations from your friends and family can get you started .
  2. Look around. The number of choices you have when it comes to party rentals does depend on where you live but there should still be a few options around your area. Most event planning experts recommend talking to at least three companies before you commit to rent your furniture. Make sure you get estimates in writing. That makes it easier to compare them.
  3. Ask about set up and striking fees. There is a general cost for the rental of the chairs and tables themselves but there is also a fee to set everything up and then take it back down and away. Sometimes people forget to ask about that. You should make sure you understand what is covered by the rental fee and what is not. This can make or break your experience with the rental company.
  4. Check out the businesses in person. This can help you decide which is the best for you. Just about anyone can put together a good looking website but that does not mean they have the resources to get you what you need to have a successful party or event. You can really learn a lot about a business when you see them in action in their place. Good businesses like to show off what they do so keep their attitude about you dropping in in mind.
  5. Plan ahead. This is especially true if you are planning a post-prom party of some other shin dog that will be the same time there are a lot of other parties being held. The earlier you can place an order or put in a reservation, the more likely you are going to get the white plastic stacking rental chairs that you have your heart set on.
  6. Communicate with your party rental vendor. After you have selected the right company from which you will get your table and chair rentals, make sure you are in contact with them at least a few times between when you make the reservation and when you have your party. This is always a good idea.
  7. Plan for bad weather. If you are having a large party that will be outside, you should go ahead and get that tent that you might not need. If there is even the most remote chance that you may have rain, you should be prepared. At least look into your options when it comes to tent rentals. You may be surprised at how cost effective this can be. It can also do wonders for your peace of mind, knowing you have a plan if it should rain on the day of your party.

People do not spend too much time thinking about what kind of chairs to get for wedding or whether white plastic stacking rental chairs are the best choice. This is ultimately an important decision as it does impact how much fun people will end up having. It is hard to have much fun if you cannot sit down for a long time. It is possible to get the right furniture for your party.

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