Should I Choose a Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

Should I Choose a Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

unusual engagement ringsIn a time when Millennial Pink is all the rage, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing rose gold everywhere. From hair color to Apple’s most popular gadgets, this pink-toned metallic hue seems to be more ubiquitous every day. It’s only natural, then, that rose gold jewelry is having a bit of a heyday. But if you’re on the hunt for unique wedding rings, is rose gold an option you should consider? We’re answering some common questions pertaining to this en vogue tone in today’s post.

What exactly is rose gold, anyway?

There are three main types of gold used in jewelry: yellow gold (the most common), white gold, and rose gold. Each of these three types contain gold that’s mixed with other materials, like different metals or alloy metals. 14-karat rose gold, for instance, is 58.5% pure gold mixed with copper, which is what gives it its distinctive rosy color. Keep in mind that the more copper it contains, the redder the piece will be; because a higher karat ring contains more gold, a 14-karat rose gold ring will be pinker than, say, an 18-karat one.

What are some reasons to choose a rose gold ring?

While many unusual engagement rings use rose gold, it’s certainly not traditional. However, if you want to be really on-trend, this is one way to do it. While rose gold is thought to be a bit more feminine than some other tones, it’s still an option that’s fashionable for both men and women. You might also be surprised to learn it’s actually more durable than yellow gold or white gold due to the addition of copper. While it’s not as strong as platinum, it’s still a good choice if you’re concerned about longevity. It’s also more affordable because copper simply costs less than other metal alloys. If you’ve been looking for unusual engagement rings with a vintage flair, this can be a fantastic choice without buying an antique piece. Plus, it’s a beautiful complement to nearly any skin tone.

Are there reasons to explore other types of unusual engagement rings?

While rose gold rings can appeal to just about any customer, there are a couple of points that could make you decide to go for white gold or yellow gold instead. First of all, rose gold rings aren’t hypoallergenic. Those who have copper sensitivities or allergies may find this jewelry to be problematic. It’s important to know this going in, as no one wants to deal with a skin rash or irritation on their big day! Another con of rose gold rings is that they may be a bit more difficult to find, depending on the jewelers in your area. But since this alloy is becoming more in-demand, this may not be a problem for very long. It’s also important to note that the copper can darken over time, so proper maintenance is a must.

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