The Top Five Reasons to go to a Hair Salon

The Top Five Reasons to go to a Hair Salon

hair salon experienceThe hair salon experience is a unique one. A hair salon is a place for women to go to feel good about themselves. It is a place to experiment and experience the latest styles. To quote Coco Channel, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” We all know how seemingly life-altering the perfect haircut can be. So without further ado, here are the top five reasons to get that hair salon experience.

1. Avoid the bad dye job. Hair coloring is not easy. Seriously nothing looks worse than a botched dye job. Skip the DIY here and see an expert. A whole 75% of women dye their hair in some form whether it be subtle highlights or bright purple hair. It’s important to know that dyed hair does require regular upkeep with permanent color requiring a touch every 4-6 weeks. Unnatural colors tend to be semi-permanent dyes and that will land you in the stylist’s chair every 4 weeks.

2. Want to try that new style but not sure if you can pull it off? Ask a stylist. They are trained professionals and can tell you that maybe a pixie cut wouldn’t flatter your face shape or that blond hair will make you look orange. In 2010, 56% of women asked their hairdresser for advice before making a change. Asking a hairdresser could really save you from an embarrassing hairstyle. And you could walk out looking super cute in a style that you never thought of.

3. Contrary to popular belief, guys notice when you cut your hair. In 2013, a study said that 89% of men said that nice hair was the first thing they noticed in a woman. The right style could help you get noticed by that special someone. Or the confidence boost that comes from a great haircut could have you doing the asking out.

4. If you have unusual hair or a problem with your hair, see a hairdresser. Honestly, they’re like doctors for your hair. They can recommend hair treatments or hair care products that can cure just about any ill that may befall your hair. Women who have textured hair or very thick hair may also benefit from a cut to make it more manageable.

5. Seeing a hair stylist just feels good. You come into the salon and your hair is a mess. Maybe you’re having a bad day. You sit down and someone washes your hair and lets you talk about whatever may trouble you. You’re getting your hair cut and someone is trying their very hardest to make you look your best. And all those compliments you’re going to get on your hair are just the icing on the cake. That’s the real hair salon experience.

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