Five Tips For a Great Outdoor Party

Five Tips For a Great Outdoor Party

If you’re planning a party, then table renting, a dance floor rental, and maybe linen rentals have to be high on your list of priorities. When you’re renting your party accessories, it can be easy to think you have to settle for something boring. You don’t: with all the variety there these days, from unique table renting choices to a gorgeous sailcloth tent, you can make your party whatever you want it to be. In fact, the rentals can be the easiest part! Once you choose your theme and the right rental company, you need to concentrate on other things that can make a world of difference to the success of your party. Here are five things to think about:

Have Enough Seating

It’s crucial that you have enough seats or you’ll lose guests early. If there are just five chairs hanging out in your backyard and 30 people coming, things aren’t going to well.

The best part of renting chairs is that you don’t have to worry about picking them up or taking them away. If you’re table renting, tent renting, or even renting a grill, the vendor will bring it to you and take it away when you’re done. Perfect.

Have Enough Light

Another thing that can tank your party early is the lowering dark. You want people to gather round the firepit, but you don’t want them heading out as soon as dusk arrives. They’ll be tempted to if you don’t light it right.

Have lights sprinkled around the middle of the party. Hurricane lamps are great, as are tea lights or solar lights. Mark the boundaries of your yard or the party space with strings of globe lights. They’ll make everything feel festive even while keeping things well lit.

Keep the Bugs Away

Nothing ruins an outdoor party faster than bugs. Whether it’s mosquitoes that won’t stop dive bombing your sweet-blooded guests or flies that hover around the food, making you wish you hadn’t spent money on table renting, you want to be done with the creatures.

To fix this, start by making sure there is no standing water in the area for a good week before the party. This means checking the kiddie pool, the gutters, and even the flowerpots. Put some fans around during the party. Mosquitoes are so small that even a light breeze can be enough to keep them away. It doesn’t hurt to put some citronella candles around the edges of the party, either.

To deal with the flies, invest in some mesh food covers for the table and give the flies something else to fly towards: during the day they’ll love the simple fly traps you can buy at any hardware store. At night, a light-up bug zapper should draw them off.

Get the Sound Right

You want some music for the party; but how do you manage enough sound that everyone can hear it while not making it so loud in some places that no one wants to stand within 10 feet of the speakers?

Instead of one or two large speakers, link at least four and keep them all at medium-low volume. Instead of blasting the sound at the guests, throw it towards the house or the side of the garage, where it will bounce back towards the party. Make your playlist about five hours long and you’re set for the perfect party.

Keep Kids Occupied

If your party isn’t specifically for the kids, then make sure you’ve got something for them to do. Otherwise, you’ll have bored children dragging parents away long before you’re ready for the party to end. Even while the adults are there, no one can enjoy the drinks or conversation because their attention is constantly drawn away by needy kids.

The children are guests too, so keep their needs in mind. Find some event rental items that will appeal to them, like a slip ‘n slide or bouncy house. Get some fun tent accessories that will keep them engaged, and make sure you’ve removed any hazards from the yard that will keep worried parents drifting off to check on their offspring.

Your party is going to be great: start planning now!

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