Sort and Organize the Home

Sort and Organize the Home

Often, a suburban American home or an apartment will be a very cluttered place, and this clutter will only build up over time. This does not have to mean hoarding (which is a clinical mental condition)! Rather, statistics have shown that many adult Americans today simply have too much stuff in their homes, and this is more than an ugly mess in the house. Clutter and lack of organization also means a lot of time and stress wasted on trying to find items like keys or kitchen utensils that should be easy to find in the first place, and this can add up fast. What is the solution? A home can be totally transformed when a homeowner uses a two-pronged approach of 1) cleaning out and throwing away all unwanted and damaged items, and 2) carefully sorting and organizing all remaining items with new furniture and re-using older furniture. The end result will be a totally new household, one where everything is easy and quick to find and put away, and no more time or stress is wasted on messes. Even the sight of a lot of new empty space on the floor and along the walls can lower stress. This process can be more fun and much more rewarding than some homeowners may think, and best of all, there is a dazzling variety of furniture designed to help people sort and organize their belongings in such a project.

Clean the Mess

Organizing one’s stuff with a stackable cube organizer or magnetic canisters can’t start for real until the excess items are cleared away. Why is this an issue? Some statistics show that an average American home has an incredible total of 300,000 things, big and small, and not all of them really belong there. Clutter and messes men that people, on average, will lose nine items every day, adding up to 198,743 over a lifetime, and a total of 3,680 hours or so may be wasted searching for things.

This trend can easily be reversed. A house hold can start by gathering items into piles, and sort them not by room of origin, but category: clothes, hobby items, kitchen goods, books, paperwork, electronics, kids’ toys, and more. This creates clear and convenient inventories for all items, and homeowners can easily find what to keep and what to discard, and they should choose carefully. Only items that are useful and make people happy should stay; everything else (which could end up a majority) must be given away, donated, or put into the trash.

Organize the Rest

Once the home is narrowed down to only the items that belong there, entire rooms can be transformed and made more convenient and comfortable to live in, and some rooms may gain a new purpose. This may also involve getting some new furniture and storage items, and there are plenty of stores that sell them, and more handy homeowners can even build some of these items, like a stackable cube organizer, with their own two hands.

Many adults today have one or more serious hobbies, anything from painting and quilting or sewing to assembling highly detailed models to painting figurines (like tabletop game miniatures) or building computers, or more. A cleaned out room can become a hobby room, and this means organizing supplies. A stackable cube organizer can work for paint, tools, cloth, or more, and along with a stackable cube organizer, one can get the best home storage with a wooden chest for kids’ toys, or a craft organizer cabinet or even the best scrapbook storage items. Shelves, drawers, a stackable cube organizer, trays, and cubbies are great ways to keep items neatly organized and easy to find and store.

Other rooms can have new furniture, too. A new armoire can hold clothes, and cube organizers can hold someone’s collection of shoes, and more hangers and racks for clothes and scarves. In a kid’s rooms, their toys can be sorted or at least stored in a toy chest (instead of on the floor) and their video game collection can be stored on a shelf. In the living room or a study, a new bookshelf can easily hold all books and binders, and can look very classy as a piece of furniture.

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