Safety Considerations to Make When Buying a Luxury Baby Gift Set

Safety Considerations to Make When Buying a Luxury Baby Gift Set

Updated 8/12/20

Gifting new parents and their newborns during baby showers is a great way to appreciate their bundles of joy! Parents in America got an estimated 3,853,472 newborn babies in 2017. This figure shows that there is a gargantuan baby clothing and gift industry in the United States. But what is safe for newborns?

This post presents to you crucial safety considerations that you should make when buying a luxury baby gift set for newborns during baby showers.

Why Should a Luxury Baby Gift Set Be Safe?

Unlike adult skin, the skin of a newborn is thinner, it doesn’t moisturize easy, and it experiences a fast water loss. Bacteria can penetrate baby skin, and it can also absorb harsh chemicals with great ease. The guts of newborns and their immune systems are weaker than those of adults. That is why you should be cautious when choosing anything that a baby can wear, touch, play with, sleep in, or hold. A luxury baby gift set should always err on the side of caution.

Here are safety considerations to make when buying certain luxury baby gift set items.

Go Organic When Buying A Cashmere Baby Blanket And Other Bedding Items.

If you’re looking for the best cashmere baby blanket, baby wraps, and other baby cot items, then you should go for all-natural fiber products. Bedding items made from synthetic fibers may cause allergies or exacerbate them because of the chemicals on them. The substances on synthetic fibers can get absorbed by the baby’s skin.

send newborn baby gifts

Luxury baby blankets and other bedding items made from silk or cotton are the most preferable because they’re soft, chemical-free, and hypoallergenic. You should also ensure that the fabric on the bedding material is woven in a loose way to ease breathing and prevent the growth of mold. If possible, always go for bedding items made from flame-retardant materials.

Safety Considerations When Buying Clothing as Part of Your Luxury Baby GiftSet

Safety is crucial when buying clothing items for newborn babies. Babies love to pull and tug parts of their clothes and stuff them into their mouths. As such, don’t buy baby clothes with loose or detachable buttons, hooks, flowers, and bows.

These decorations or accessories can cause choking. You should also avoid clothing with waistbands and drawstrings, which can cause strangulation. If you have to buy cloth with decorative accessories, then ensure that the fittings get attached in a secure way. Usually, a pre-packaged luxury baby gift set will avoid these pitfalls, making it a great choice.

Buy Safe Toys That Can’t Cause Choking, Poisoning, Strangulation, Or Suffocation

Toys are an essential part of a luxury baby gift set, and the toys need to be safe so that your kids’ playtime can be safe too. Toys made from toxic material or painted with poisonous substances can cause poisoning. Kids can also swallow beads stuffed into toys or strangle themselves with strings attached to toys.

Here are safety measures to adhere to when gifting newborns with cashmere toys:

  • Avoid hand-me-down or old toys from a garage sale or friends and family because they may not meet present toy safety standards.
  • Art material and toys shouldn’t be painted with toxic paint material. Instead, they should get painted with lead-free paints.
  • Stuffed toys should not be easy to open up or tear because the child may swallow some of the stuffing materials.
  • Stuffed toys need to be washable to remove dirt and germs.
  • Toys made from fabric should have flame-retardant material.
  • Avoid gifting children with broken toys.
  • Ensure that electronic gadgets aren’t too loud because noise may damage a child’s hearing.

Choose Age-Appropriate Luxury Baby Gift Sets

Select playthings and baby products that are age-appropriate to ensure the kids can get more benefits from the gift items. For instance, buy toys that are suitable for a child’s skills, abilities, and interest level. Advanced toys may frustrate or harm your child. But age-appropriate gifts can help a child to develop their motor skills and physical ability.

What gift should be given to a newborn baby

What gift should be given to a newborn baby? When you’re looking for the best products for newborns, consider investing in soft items, like cloth balls and dolls. A luxury baby gift set is a great idea since it provides a number of items that the baby can use. But babies can never have enough baby bedding sets for their cribs and for curling up on the rug around the house. In most cases, the harsh fabric of a rug has to be mitigated by soft baby blankets or else it will damage their sensitive skin. Both momma and baby will be happy to have soft items that won’t cause any irritation.

If you’re working on a budget, think about creating newborn baby handmade gift ideas, like a custom shirt with their name on it or a knit cap. Picking out a newborn baby gift can be hard, but luckily, the baby won’t remember if the gift was a surprise or not. If you’re unsure about investing in the right products, you can always send newborn baby gifts along with a gift receipt. That way, the savvy parents can exchange the item for something else. This is especially beneficial if you don’t know what to gift a newborn baby girl or boy for the first time. Looking up the top newborn baby gifts will always help you make a more informed decision.

A luxury baby gift set needs to have items that are safe for the newborns. The immunity of newborns isn’t well developed, and their skin is also more vulnerable to damage. As such, any item that you buy for any child should be safe and age-appropriate.

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