Your Guide to Booking Vendors for Your Wedding

Your Guide to Booking Vendors for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exhausting process. Too often, many couples try to get everything done at once or wait until the last minute to handle key steps of the planning process. Clearly, an organized approach is necessary to ensure the wedding goes off without a hitch.

If you’re newly engaged and ready to dive into wedding plans, take a pause. Before making phone calls and picking out the cake, be sure that you’re following a logical timeline. Use this guide to booking common wedding vendors so that you know you’ve reserved all the big stuff in plenty of time for your special day.

Vendors to Book Early

  1. Wedding venues:
    Wedding venues should be among very first things you reserve. Whether you’re having your reception and ceremony at a banquet hall, a party hall, or going for an outdoor wedding venue, you need to secure a place to tie the knot! Book wedding venues about twelve months in advance.
  2. Professional planners:
    Planners should also be booked early since you’ll want their help throughout the preparation process. Hire planners twelve months in advance, and perhaps even before your venue.
  3. Photographers:
    Photographers and videographers tend to book up quickly, especially for popular wedding weekends in late spring, early summer, and early fall. Book photographers about ten months in advance. If you’re planning a destination wedding, book even earlier.

People to Hire Halfway

  1. Officiants:
    After you’ve paid for the most important parts of the wedding, its time to find other vendors for smaller details. Don’t forget to hire an officiant or have a friend get ordained so that someone can make your union official. Hire officiants eight months before the big day.
  2. Music
    Whether you hire a DJ or a band, music will set the mood for your party and make the night memorable. Book any kind of music about six months out, or even earlier if you know the artist is popular.

Vendors that Can Wait

  1. Florists:
    Flowers should definitely not wait until the last minute, but they can be booked after other vendors. After all, a florist can serve more than one wedding on the same day, while other vendors can’t. Book a florist that offers your favorite blooms about five months in advance.
  2. Stylists:
    Hair and makeup artists, as well as tuxedos and clothing rentals, can be booked about five months in advance. Remember to leave room in your schedule for hair and makeup practice runs!

Whether you’re booking reception halls, planning bridal showers, picking out favors, or planning the honeymoon, be sure that you’ve set an organized timeline. The average engagement time from the proposal to the vows is a year and a half, which leaves little room for error. For a less stressful lead up to the wedding day, use this booking timeline for your happily ever after.

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