Which Material Should I Choose for an Engagement Ring?

Which Material Should I Choose for an Engagement Ring?

Choosing between all different types of engagement rings can be overwhelming, but this video can help you choose your dream engagement ring design by choosing the ring material. There are different kinds of ring materials you can choose from including platinum and 18K white gold. These materials feel very different from one another, but they are both beautiful for anyone to wear for their whole life.

Platinum bands are a little heavier than white gold and they are strong yet malleable, which means that crafters can easily shape your engagement ring into the size and shape you would like the diamond to be. These bands do have a certain finish that gives them a darker and greyer appearance.

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White gold bands are less expensive than platinum, which can be great if you want a bigger diamond on top. Repolishing and replating your gold ring can bring it back to its original appearance, so do not fret if you see it turning a yellowish color.

Both platinum and white gold rings do wear down differently. They are unique in their own way, so it’s important that you figure out which one you like most. Watch this entire video to hear all about both types of engagement ring materials.


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