How to Plan a Beauty Regimen Before Wedding Planning

How to Plan a Beauty Regimen Before Wedding Planning

Congratulations on getting married! You have always looked forward to this, and now all your focus is shifted to your big day. Now that you are through with the engagement, the pressure of making that day perfect is slowly creeping in, and you are starting to feel a little overwhelmed. The good thing is that you still have time to plan your wedding day.

As excitement builds, you may be tempted to start scouting for a location, building your guest list, or looking for decorations, among other things. But now is not the time for that. Instead, it would be best if you first considered planning a beauty regimen before wedding planning. This is an excellent self-care exercise to help you and your team de-stress and prepare for your upcoming wedding. It will not only help you look beautiful but also feel more confident on your big day.

However, the whole planning process can be overwhelming. This is because it can involve many procedures, from when you need to get waxed to when you should schedule your makeup appointment. If not properly planned, you might end up with an eleventh-hour beauty fiasco. Therefore, to help you with this stressful process, below is a comprehensive guide on how to plan a beauty regimen before wedding planning.

Create a Timeline

Before embarking on any ventures, it is important that you have a well-defined and extensive beauty timeline. It ensures you have adequate time to refine your appearance before your big day. It also enables you to budget for your beauty regimen in order to estimate how much you will need to spend.

You should also break down your timeline into segments for easier progress tracking. For instance, twelve to six months before the wedding, you can begin by focusing on your health and nutrition and trying injectables and procedures to revive your skin regimen. About six to four months before the wedding, you can start a vitamin regimen, hair care, and laser hair removal. For the remaining time until your wedding day, consider facial treatments, manicures, teeth whitening, makeup, and other final tunings that you need to do to your appearance.

The time you plan for your treatment and procedures will largely depend on how much time you have left before your wedding date. For better beauty results, it is recommended to schedule your beauty regimen 12 months before your wedding, as this gives you ample time to find the right services and products.

Plan For Skin Care

To a large extent, radiant, flawless skin is what you desire to achieve before your big day. It is, of course, very okay to want that model look when walking down the aisle. A beauty regimen before wedding helps you plan for your skincare to ensure that you relieve skin conditions and enhance your appearance to look good on your wedding day. Routine skin care involves the following practices.


Facials are a good way to cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate your skin. They help minimize acne, fine lines, and wrinkles on your face. But because the skin can be very sensitive at times, you may want to find out how your skin reacts to different facial treatments. Finding a respectable aesthetician can help you address such concerns and offer guidance on how to achieve your skin goals. It would help if you also look for beauty products that will work well with your skin and are within your budget.

Hair Removal

There is no more convenient time to treat yourself to hair removal than before your wedding. A hairy body may diminish your confidence, and shaving regularly before your wedding can be tedious. If you want to remove unwanted hair for a longer period, then waxing should be among your beauty regimen before wedding plans. You can also consider procedures like laser hair removal, which is less painful than waxing, and a long-term solution to unwanted hair.


If you want to try fillers and injectables before your wedding, it is best to do so as early as possible. Scheduling a consultation with your dermatologist early enough gives you more options to try different procedures meant to soften out wrinkles on your face and give you a youthful appearance. Your dermatologist will also get enough time to monitor how your skin reacts to treatment so they can know how to advise you on attaining your goals.

Consider Health and Nutrition Planning

Very few procedures can match the effect of good health and nutrition on your body. Therefore, before considering different cosmetic procedures to enhance your appearance, It is important to include a nutrition plan in your beauty regimen before wedding plans. A healthy diet can help you check your weight, reduce stress, and have more energy. That way, you will look healthier and more beautiful on your wedding day.

Incorporating a high vitamin and protein diet in your nutrition plan is another great way to become healthy. Vitamins are good antioxidants that help your skin heal faster and protect it from damage by sun rays. On the other hand, proteins, like collagen, improve the skin’s elasticity and strength, resulting in smooth skin and a youthful appearance. With a good diet, you will feel more comfortable and confident and less anxious about your look.

Getting good sleep is another important factor to consider in your beauty regimen planning. When you sleep, your body relaxes and revitalizes itself by generating more cells and tissues. According to WebMD, good sleep gives you glowing skin, fewer wrinkles, brighter eyes, fuller hair, and generally a happier, healthier appearance. On the other hand, bad sleep will have negative effects of equal measures. A poor sleeping habit can result in red and swollen eyes, paler skin and trigger inflammation which causes acne to develop on your skin.

Body Care

Now that you have planned how to eat right and sleep better, you now should focus on taking care of your body’s physical appearance. You can do this by exercising and having spa treatments. These activities are beneficial and can contribute to the overall wellness and good appearance of your body.

For instance, a good workout routine can help you reduce stress, have better skin, and get the body shape you desire. If you are concerned about being too big for your dress or sometimes out of shape, regular exercise can help you lose that extra weight and make you feel more confident as your big day approaches. However, starting this routine at least six months before your wedding is ideal for maximizing the results and minimizing the last-minute rush.

After breaking a sweat during training, a good spa treatment can be a good way to relax your body. You get a wide range of treatment options in a spa, including massage, salt scrub, waxing, facials, and body therapy. Including these procedures in your beauty regimen before wedding can help lower your blood pressure, sleep better, reduce stress, and improve your self-esteem.

Don’t Forget Dental Care

Weddings are joyous events where people often laugh and smile a lot. On your wedding day, you should be able to smile without worrying about your crooked or brown teeth. In order to achieve this, consider scheduling an appointment with your dentist for teeth cleaning service. A cleaning session includes professional procedures that help you have good dental hygiene and make you feel more confident about your smile.

If you have crooked teeth or a tooth that needs to be removed, going for restorative dentistry treatment can be of great benefit. Your dentist will advise you on the best braces to wear to correct your teeth or remove a crooked smile just in time for your wedding. Similarly, you can consider cosmetic dentistry treatment if you have a missing or broken tooth and need an implant. Remember, the goal is to have a perfect smile, even if it means having false teeth.

Plan Hair Care

Even though you change hairstyles now and then, you may consider having a hairstyle that stands out on your wedding day. In your beauty regimen before wedding plan, you should schedule an appointment with your hair stylist for tips on performing hair care. Also, if you are going to try out different hair colors and colors, it would be best if you could visit a salon at least three months prior to your wedding.

Caring for your hair can involve keratin treatment, conditioning, air-drying, and cleansing. Keratin treatment is especially beneficial to help straighten your hair, make it strong, and give it the shine you want. Many hair salons today help with this procedure and offer other services such as hair washing, scalp treatment, hair cutting, coloring, and styling. Remember, your appearance is more important on your wedding day than any other day. Therefore, do not be shy to try hair extensions if they bring out the best version of yourself.

Remember Nail Care

As you approach weeks into your wedding day, it is essential that you invest in regular manicures. While you could wait until the final days to have both manicure and pedicure, regular nail care is a great way to keep your nail nourished and try different nail arts. If you want strong nails, consider visiting a beauty salon or a cosmetic shop for topical treatment. That way, your nails will remain flexible and not become dry or brittle so as to break easily.

It is also important that you regularly oil your nails and hands. Applying oil to your nails keeps them moisturized and prevents them from becoming dry and more susceptible to breaking. Similarly, it would be best to consider oiling your hands as you work on your nails. Giving your hand a gentle scrub once a week, followed by applying lotion and sunscreen, can make it moisturized and protect it against harsh sun rays.

Consider Makeup

Another main factor to consider when planning a beauty regimen before wedding is a good makeup routine. If you are going to need a makeup artist for your wedding, this is the right time to start scouting for one. You could also do your research to gather inspiration on perfect glam to add that extra touch to your look. Also, go to a mall and shop around for different makeup products of your choice. Trying out different products will help you see which one reacts better with your skin before your big day.

Depending on how you feel about yourself, you can decide which routine to follow and which to skip. If wearing makeup is not your thing, you might as well do a little refinement on your face. Trying a lash extension can make you look more beautiful and even better in photos. Nevertheless, when applying makeup, avoid heavy contouring that creates a visible contrast between your face and the rest of your body.

A proper makeup routine can be an excellent beauty regimen before wedding if planned well. With the right makeup, you can appear a completely different person, which can significantly help boost your confidence. Therefore, it is important that you find a professional makeup artist who understands what works and what does not and also one who knows the secret to a photograph-ready appearance.


Although planning a beauty regimen before wedding is important, it can be challenging. Nevertheless, with the above guide, you can rest assured that important areas of your beauty regimen are covered. If you focus on the important factors, you will likely minimize fiascos and pressures from last-minute rushes. However, remember to create a timeline of how your beauty progress will progress, as this will help with your wedding preparation and budget. Are you looking for assistance with your beauty regimen planning? Call us today!

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