Tips For Making Great Wedding Bouquets

Tips For Making Great Wedding Bouquets

If you’re DIY’ing your wedding at home this year, you need to know how to create beautiful wedding bouquets. It will make your homemade wedding beautiful and personal. Keep reading to learn how to arrange a bouquet to get the best wedding photos.

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The first thing you need to decide on is your color palette and your desired aesthetic. Once you have, that you can pick your flowers. This could be anything from roses to lilacs, but make sure you select a flower that you won’t fall out of love with. Then, you need to choose some greenery to place around the main flowers.

The greenery and flowers can stay separate in vases of water to keep them fresh. Then, lay out the main flowers on the ribbon or fabric that you’re choosing to wrap them in. Surround the main flowers with your greenery, and then delicately tie together everything. You should keep the flowers cold to maintain their freshness until the day of the wedding!

The video in this article is a great example of how bouquets are put together. Take a look if you need more pointers. Then, look for the flowers of your dreams at a local florist or greenhouse to get started.


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