Why You Should Keep Remote Control Manuals Handy

Why You Should Keep Remote Control Manuals Handy

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Approximately 96.7% of households in the U.S. have televisions, and there are about three TV remote controls per household. That number can vary depending on how many other devices need remote controls.

For as many remotes you have, you probably have even more remote manuals stuffed in random junk drawers or jammed somewhere in your TV cabinet. It’s easy to lose or accidentally throw out remote manuals when cleaning out clutter.

But those remote manuals can come in handy if you ever need to buy TV remote replacements. Most manuals have the TV remote codes listed that you can use for remote programming when you replace your old remote. If you lost the manual, you’ll have a harder time finding the right codes.

Your manual can also be a great resource when it comes to troubleshooting your remote. Often you’ll be able to find a fix for the exact problem you’re having and you’ll be able to save yourself a few dollars on a replacement.

It’s usually a good idea to keep all your electronics manuals in one place, like in a designated drawer or filing cabinet. This will allow you to easily access your manual if your remote stops working or if you need to program a new one.

However, if you lose your remote manuals, there’s a good chance you can find a digital version online. Just Google the model number of your remote or device and you should be able to find the information you need to fix or program your remote.

There are also plenty of third-party sellers that sell replacement remotes identical to the ones that came with your device. Many of these sellers can provide you with manual or at least the critical information you need to get your remote working. These sellers are often your best resource when it comes to getting your remote back.

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