Tips for Troubleshooting a Broken TV Remote

Tips for Troubleshooting a Broken TV Remote

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TV remote controls are useful devices, largely because they’re so portable. Unfortunately, their portability is exactly what makes them so susceptible to getting damaged or lost.

The circuit board in your remote may crack, or your soldering could fail over time just from ordinary wear and tear. That glass of water you spilled on your remote can leak into the case and damage it too.

Sometimes you can repair the damage to your remote instead of buying replacement remotes for TVs, but if you have to get professional repair work done, buying replacement remote controls may be cheaper.

Still, there are a few things you can try yourself before you start shopping for replacement remotes for TVs.

Before you do anything to your remote, make sure you have the TV remote codes that came with the device. Many remotes will stay programmed if you remove the remote, but some require remote programming every time the batteries are removed and power is lost. You can find codes in remote manuals or online. You’ll need the codes anyway if you need to buy a remote replacement.

Once you have the codes, try to identify the problem. It may be as simple as checking the batteries. Make sure they’re oriented properly. If they are, and the remote still isn’t working, try replacing them with fresh ones.

If you don’t get a response with the new batteries, gently clean the battery contact points with electronic contact cleaner or a clean pencil eraser.

If you establish that the battery and contact points aren’t the problem, open the remote and see if the circuit board is cracked. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to fix this problem yourself, and it’s likely more cost effective at this point to shop for replacement remotes for TVs.

If you’ve spilled water or another liquid on the remote, you may be able to take it apart and let it dry. If this doesn’t work, buy a replacement.

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