How to Give Donations of Clothing for 2015

How to Give Donations of Clothing for 2015

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With the end of the year comes the chance to shed the old to make room for the new. This is especially true for those who just received holiday gifts. If you notice your closets are getting full and your dresser is stuffed, it may be time to consider giving donations of clothing at the start of the new year.

Why give donations of clothing specifically? For one, clothing tends to be one of the most disposable items in the world. In the United States alone, as much as 12 to 13 million tons of it ends up in the landfill each year. However, those materials could have easily been recycled or reused instead. Clothing and textiles can be broken down and remade, and when they’re in good condition, gently used clothing donations can have a high value when sold or given to those in need.

But the question of why to give isn’t as important to some as the how and where. For the start of 2015, here is your plan for giving donations of clothing to your local charity organizations:

Step 1. Gather your donations. When donating clothing, it’s important to figure out what stays and what goes for you and your family. This may sound easier said than done, but consider these questions when reviewing items to give: Does the item fit? Do you still wear it? If you haven’t worn it in at least a year, would you consider wearing it again in the future? If you’ve answered no to all of these questions, it’s time for that garment to go.

Step 2. Choose a cause. There are all sorts of charities to donate to, but there is no right or wrong cause to donate to. From charities that serve wounded veterans to those that focus on helping families in need, there is a charity for just about any cause, and many of them take clothing donations. Be sure to research the charity you donate to in order to ensure that they use their donations and funds wisely.

Step 3. Donate to charity. There is also the question of where to donate, and many charities provide options that are both convenient and easy. Some will allow you to drop clothing off at a secondhand store during certain hours. Others have 24-hour drop boxes for your convenience. Some charities have clothing pick ups right at your door to haul these items away. Find out which options your charity allows, and see if they can give you a receipt to itemize your tax deductions, too.

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