Three Pinterest-Ready Wedding Sparkler Photo Ideas

Three Pinterest-Ready Wedding Sparkler Photo Ideas

Yellow Sparkler PartyTossing rice after a wedding is as old-fashioned as a horse-drawn carriage ride. But even the most modern bride still wants an exciting send off after the happiest day of her life.

While some couples opt for wedding dress destroying silly string or confetti, more and more brides in the know are using wedding sparklers to create memorable moments for their photo albums. If you plan on organizing a wedding sparkler send off after your reception or ceremony, here are three ways to use the display to capture dazzling photos that will end up on all your friends’ Pinterest boards.

If you do plan to buy sparklers for your wedding photos, be sure to purchase extra long sparklers so you don’t accidentally burn your guests (or that beautiful dress!). Extra long means 20″ to 36″ sparklers — trust us, your guests will thank you.

Ask Your Photographer About Time-Lapse Photography
If your photographer can make time-lapse photos, then you can use sparklers to spell out words or shapes in your wedding photos. Simple shapes like hearts, short words like “LOVE”, or even your new initials make for truly original picture-perfect moments. If you have access to a time-lapse camera yourself, then try practicing before the big day.

An Archway Of Light
If you do plan to use sparklers outside the church or during a honeymoon send off, then you’ll want to buy enough extra long sparklers for about three-quarters of your guests.

When you’re ready to run, have a bridesmaid get everyone to line up outside the building. Then, they simply light the tips of the sparklers and hold them up as you and your husband make a dash to the limo.

According to Hudson Valley Weddings, 35% of weddings are now held outdoors. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, then you can incorporate sparklers into your ceremony, too. Indoor sparklers are available, but not all wedding venues allow them.

Blow Out Your Candles And Make A Wish
Cake sparklers can add some much needed flair to those stale wedding cake photos. If you’re looking to avoid tired wedding clich├ęs, then surprise your guests with this personal touch.

And don’t forget: Enjoy yourself! Most brides spend up to nine hours a week planning their wedding. You deserve the best day ever.

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