5 Ways to Use Wedding Sparklers

5 Ways to Use Wedding Sparklers

wedding sparklersThe newest trend for weddings in 2015 is all about the personalized experience: spouses to be are really looking for that “wow” factor that makes the event unique for them and for their guests.

Some clients seek out unique cakes, or fabric for their wedding attire. Others seek out unique menus that cater to gourmet tastes, while still others prefer small ceremonies in boutique venues. One new trend is to have a friend or family member officiate- only 57% of couples hire a professional ceremony officiant. This serves for a more personalized, touching experience for everyone involved.

The one thing all of these options have in common is the price — with the average wedding party being four to five bridesmaids matched to four or five groomsmen, ordering custom attire can add up quickly. Cakes and food are such a large part of any wedding budget that personalizing them is important, but needs to be done with price in mind.

One cost effective way to help put a smile on your guest’s faces is smokeless wedding sparklers. A lot of people think of sparklers in the sense of being used strictly for the “send-off” parade — but there are many other ways indoor sparklers for weddings can be used.

1. Cake Sparklers
Short indoor cake sparklers can be used to give it a beautiful glow for the photographer, as well as serving to announce the cake cutting in a memorable way for the guests. These cake sparklers are completely smoke free and safe indoors.

2.The Ceremony
According to Hudson Valley Weddings, a little more than 1/3 of weddings are held outdoors. This provides the opportunity to utilize long lasting sparklers in other areas than the send-off. Handing out sparklers to guests and having them light them for the end of your vows and first kiss adds a guest participation element to the most touching part of the event.

3.The First Dance
Having guests hold sparklers while gathered around the wedding party for the first dances can result in some really fantastic photos. Don’t forget to provide pails of sand around the dance floor for guests to put the hot sparklers out!

4. The Getaway
Extra long sparklers put in the ground around the getaway vehicle at the end of the reception will result in a sort of runway of light for the couple- a beautiful photo and a magical memory symbolizing their new journey together.

5. “Writing” with sparklers
Good photographers can turn long sparklers into beautiful long exposure photos where the sparkler light makes a word or shape in the air — a crown, a heart, “I love you,” your names, anything you can think of.

Really, your imagination is the limit for ways to use these fantastic little fireworks on your big day. However you decide, wedding sparklers really are the best way to add that special touch to your event.

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