Interior Design Ideas For Ocean Lovers

Interior Design Ideas For Ocean Lovers

Anchor decor

What kind of decor are you a fan of? Some people love a rustic look, with sumptuous furniture in warm colors and textures, while others go for a minimalistic and modern pastel. Yet more are in love with the ocean, decorating their living spaces with shells, sea creatures and watercolor paintings of ocean sunsets. You don’t have to be a pro swimmer to appreciate sea life and the many ways it can brighten your living quarters. If you’re thinking about life preserver decor, keep reading to learn more about design trends, pricing and, of course, ideas for your current or future home!

Decor Statistics

Did you know that roughly 39% of the population lived on the coastline in 2010? The ocean has always been a major part of American culture and much of that is reflected in modern living spaces of all types. The home decor market brings in over $60 billion every year and shows no signs of stopping as tastes and trends evolve. It’s been found that most women and men (at 65% and 58% respectively) would rather shop for items than shop for shoes and it’s small wonder why, since your living spaces can affect everything from your daily mood to first impressions made on your next-door neighbors. A surprising 14% of Americans admitted in a recent poll that their living spaces make them feel gloomy and that is the last thing you want after a hard day’s work at the office!

Home Furnishing Trends

Life preserver decor (or anchor decor if you’re feeling fancy) has a ton of variety. You can buy little anchor carvings to fill up your blank wall space or sand globes to pepper your work desk. Mason jars filled with seashells are charmingly simple and dried starfish are becoming increasingly popular wall decorations to liven up any empty space. A wall mounted bell could be hung up beside the front door to greet visitors or you could seek out a ship figurehead for sale to put alongside your kitchen knick-knacks. If you’re feeling especially bold, put a mermaid statue in your garden! Nautical decorations are as varied as the ocean they’re inspired by (or come from!) and the only limit is your imagination. What furnishing ideas will you be cooking up for your home today?

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