Thinking Of Redesigning Your House?

Thinking Of Redesigning Your House?

Armillary globe

It seems there are a million and one ways to design your house nowadays. It’s hard to know where to begin! You could start by changing your old, drab curtains or you could get rid of that couch that’s starting to split at the seams. You could throw out your unused knickknacks or you could refurbish them with a new coat of paint or glitter. Whatever your itch, a good theme can help scratch it. Interior design themes help link your furniture, carpet and various items together for a uniform look that’s all about you. Not only does it look good, it FEELS good. There are many popular American design themes that I’ll be listing below and, who knows — you might just find your ticket to a happier home is in a replica diving helmet or a mermaid statue!

Americans Love The Sea!

Did you know that almost 40% of the United States’ population lived by the shore? That’s over 120 million people! This geographical preference heavily influences interior design, with many recent surveys showing that Americans like to reflect their environment in their living spaces more often than not. Traditional looks seem to be the most popular, at 44%, with modern at 22% and country at 10%. The ocean, though, seems to reign supreme and many design companies have entire sections devoted to nautical decor. Everything from sea animals to pirates stock the shelves of your average design store and it’s not hard to see why it’s struck a chord with so many in the U.S. Speaking of which…

What Should I Do?

Only one out of five Americans are happy with their home decor. A recent survey even found that as many as 14% of Americans actually feel gloomy when they get home. That’s the last thing you want after a hard day’s work! Home decorations add personality and life to your living spaces and if that means buying that replica diving helmet, so be it! One of the easiest ways of getting a theme to fall into place is taking basic furniture and supplementing it with charming items. A basic wooden table can become something much more festive topped with an armillary globe. Your doorway can greet guests all on its own with a porthole clock. The best place to start with interior design is on the inside — what makes YOU happy?

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