Nautical Decor Brings Themes of Stability and Hope Into Your Home

Nautical Decor Brings Themes of Stability and Hope Into Your Home

Copper diving helmet

There’s something endlessly fascinating about the sea and everything associated with it. It’s the endless light reflected off the waters, the fierce storms, the seagulls, seals and whales: all of these tug at the heart for no reason that we can pin down. For many people, nautical themed decor such as pirate decor is a way of bringing their memories of the sea and its mysteries into their homes and daily lives, making them richer and more meaningful.

Does house decor matter?
House decor is a popular pastime, and it’s also big business, worth about $65.2 billion annually. Just about one person out of five is actually happy with the way their home looks, and 14% even said that their home decor makes them feel gloomy. So it’s not surprising that people are always trying to change the look of their home.
The easiest way to do this is by adding new decor. Shopping, whether in real world stores or online, for home decor is also fun. The majority of men, at 58%, and women, at 65%, prefer to shop for home decor items than for shoes. Home decor is a way of expressing yourself while making your home more attractive and comfortable. This is why nautical decor is always a popular choice.

Anchor, wheel and compass
Given that ships embody mobility and the dangers, hardships and rewards of sailing the open seas, they have a surprising number of associations with stability and safety. Nautical items like anchors, steering wheels, compasses and lighthouses are popular symbols of security and guidance.
In Rhode Island, the Ocean State, the anchor is the state symbol and stands for hope. This connection is manifested in the state motto: “Hope is the anchor of the soul.” Nautical decor can be just decorative, or combine visual appeal with function, in the form of nautical clocks, lamps and shelving and other kinds of furniture.

Pirate Decor for children and grown-ups
Nautical decor isn’t just for grown-ups, of course. Pirates and hidden treasure have a strong hold on the imagination of young children. Touches like a skull and crossbones flag or thematic clocks and lamps will delight ten-year-olds of all ages.
Maps and charts serve as wall decor and offer hours of entertainment for those trying to decipher them. Especially if it’s a map marked with a red X. Perhaps the lure of pirates is about being able to break free of all restrictions and conventions. For whatever reason, pirate decor for kids and grown ups is always a big hit.

Nearly four out of ten people, or 39% of the population, live in coastal counties. In 2010, the total number was more than 123 million people. But whether we live within sight and sound of the ocean or far inland, the sea speaks to us in many different ways. Nautical home decorations are a way of making this influence in our lives visible and real.

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