The Beach Comes Home

The Beach Comes Home

Pirate decoration ideas

Did you know that only one out of five Americans feel content and happy with their present home decor? When you spend time in your home, you want to feel calm, peaceful and rested without the distraction of incomplete or unattractive home decor and furnishings. However, instead of peaceful lounging, 14% of Americans state their home furnishings make them feel gloomy and stressed. What fun is that to come home to the one place that should offer a peaceful and calm sense to your life?

Decorating with the Sights and Sounds of the Sea

Nautical home decor creates a relaxed atmosphere where
you can put your feet up, grab your favorite book, and enjoy the life of a seafarer. Knowing the importance of a homeowner’s decision about decorating, the home decor market brings in approximately $65.2 billion each year. Nautical decor and furnishings are an important part of the home decor market. Over 123 million people live in coastal shoreline counties, and the majority of their decorating style is a nautical theme. When you are looking to incorporate nautical elements, look no further than your local beach town. There you will find furniture, lighting, and accent pieces that bring the coastal elements into your home. With brass nautical clocks, decorative ship?s wheel, old marine charts, and a simple blue and white striped pattern you can bring on a coastal chic that is light and airy. Use larger pieces as your focal point and smaller accent pieces and natural textiles to create a light and airy feel.

With the ease to purchase nautical home decor both in coastal stores and on the internet, decorating your home is incredibly simple. Some fun, whimsical, and decorative nautical items include:

  • artwork showing the beauty of coastal surroundings
  • decorative figureheads
  • antique cage lights
  • life preserver wall decor
  • fishmonger?s sign
  • decorative nautical knots
  • starfish
  • nautical stars which are symbolic of guidance and protection at sea

All of these nautical decorations create a relaxed atmosphere and a whimsical feel to your coastal home.

Home decorating should bring a fresh and vibrant feel to your home. A nautical theme can bring the sights, sounds, and smells of the ocean right to your front door and beyond. Grab your partner, make a decorating plan, and start shopping. Most men and women say they would rather shop for home decor than anything else. Shopping together for your nautical home decor creates the environment you both will feel most comfortable and relaxed when home. The decorating options are endless.

When you are ready for some decorating adventure, set sail and bring the coastal life indoors.

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