Here are 3 Important Groups of People Who Benefit from Your Charitable Donations

Here are 3 Important Groups of People Who Benefit from Your Charitable Donations

Support for military families

If you’ve ever donated to a worthy cause, you know the sincere gratitude it can give you. There is no better way to support your community and provide hope to the less fortunate than by completing the simple task of donating clothes that you don’t need anymore.

According to recent research, a shocking 12 million tons of textile waste is thrown out every single year. Most of this clothing is in fine shape and could easily go to help those who need it the most. The holidays are approaching, and you can help a few important groups in your community just by donating your old clothing instead of throwing it out. Here are three groups that benefit the most from your donations:

    Local families in need. You may be living right next door to a less fortunate family and not even know it. The recent recession hit everybody hard, and many families are still picking up the pieces. In fact, just recently in 2013, over 13 million Americans had their identities stolen. With the holidays approaching, many parents don’t have the means to buy brand new gifts or clothes for their children. Through your donations, they’re able to experience a normal, cheerful holiday that they’ll never forget.

    Military families. There are tons of phenomenal charities for military families that give back to the people who fight for our freedom everyday. Veterans often have a hard time financially after returning from duty, so charities for military families are the biggest resource they have in returning to a normal life. The unemployment rate for vets is about 2% higher than the average citizen, and over 207,000 were unable to find work at of 2013. Your charitable donations help them get their feet back on the ground and provide them with gifts to give their children during the holiday season. Donating to charities for military families is truly one of the most patriotic things you could ever do.

    Your children. There is no gift you could ever give your child that is more valuable than the gift of giving. Instilling a sense of charity in them at an early age will go a long way in developing them as productive members of society. Kids love a good adventure, and you can turn collecting clothes to donate into a special project for your child to embark on.

These days, there are even charities that pick up clothing donations directly from your home, so you don’t even have to leave your house to help the less fortunate. Consider all three of these important groups in your community this holiday season and try to donate as much as you can. It makes a bigger difference than you may think.

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