How to Save Thousands Every Year? Try Gently Used Clothing Stores

How to Save Thousands Every Year? Try Gently Used Clothing Stores

Charities for military families

America continues to rank among the most charitable countries in the world. Making monetary donations, being willing to help strangers, and spending time volunteering are the three categories of giving that are measured by experts every year: America is the only country in the world to place in the top 10 in all three categories.

Every year, Americans donate over 2 million tons of clothing, blankets, and other fabrics to charity; these donations alone total over $5 billion and seems to give a major boost to families and to organizations that rely upon those donations to help people in need.

Many Americans are unaware that they are able to donate used clothing, but the rate of donations is steadily increasing. We are still wasting, as a nation, over 12 million tons of clothing every year, but outreach from charitable organizations and the potential for tax-deductible donations is convincing many families to take the time to donate used clothing.

There are many organizations that make use of slightly used clothing. Some organizations provide wardrobes for people who are just getting back into the workforce, while organizations that help military families use charitable donations to make sure veterans have everything they need while recovering from injuries or taking some time to get used to life after military service.

Organizations that help military families
also report that rates of unemployment remain relatively high among even decorated veterans. Many military families have moved several times and may have credit card debt: recycled clothing that is in good condition may save military families thousands of dollars every year, enabling them to establish themselves in a new city or even to purchase a home.

Recycling clothing tends to have a wide-ranging, highly-positive impact on families in need, and military charities are happy to do what they can to help. Organizations that help military families as well as other charitable organizations tend to report high customer loyalty and the continued ability to fund their charitable endeavors.

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