Here’s How Donation Pickup Services are Revolutionizing the Way People Give Back to Their Community

Here’s How Donation Pickup Services are Revolutionizing the Way People Give Back to Their Community

Donating clothing to charity

It’s that time of the year when Christmas decorations start to surface and joy emanates from even the grumpiest of people. With the holiday season comes an indelible giving spirit that is shared by all, and with the help of organizations that pick up donations, there has never been a better time to start giving.

Donation pickup services allow you to give back to those in need without ever even having to leave your house. Often times, people are hesitant to donate because they don’t know where to drop off their donations or simply can’t find the time to do so. Organizations that pick up donations have eliminated these issues and made it possible for you and your loved ones to gather gently-used clothing and have them picked up directly from your home to help a deserving family. Here are just a few of the ways that charity pick up services are making it easier to donate this holiday season:

    Convenience. The convenience of donation pickup services is rivaled only by pizza delivery. You don’t even have to leave your couch to provide less-fortunate families with a holiday experience that they will never forget. Simply gather your charitable donations, call one of your local organizations that pick up donations, and schedule a time for them to arrive at your house. If you have a tight work schedule or find yourself too busy with errands to stop by your local charity, you’ll find that donation pickup services are the answer to your problems.

    Go green. Many people strive to better the environment but don’t know where they should start. The truth is, the widespread wastefulness of clothing in America is a serious problem, and more people are beginning to take advantage of organizations that pick up donations to combat this issue. A staggering 90% of clothing that could have been repurposed was thrown out in 2011, amounting to over 12 million tons of textile waste. Instead of throwing your clothes out, give a local charity a call and have them picked up from your home free of charge to help a worthy cause.

    Helping your neighbors and community members. If you’re not sure who is benefiting from the donations that are picked up from your home, all you have to do is look around you. Often times, the people that need your donations the most are your friends and neighbors who are too ashamed to ask for help. Millions suffer from the struggling economy, and military families depend on donations every single year. By simply sitting in your home and allowing a local charity to pick up your donations, you’re making a substantial impact on the community you live in.

Giving back to your community has never been easier, and it’s all thanks to donation pickup services. Find a charity in your area that offers this incredible service and help provide local families with the holiday experience they deserve.

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