DIY Your Wedding to Save Money and Recycle Plastic Silverware

DIY Your Wedding to Save Money and Recycle Plastic Silverware

Weddings are expensive. A traditional American wedding costs about $35,329 and a total of $72 billion is spent on weddings annually in the United States. A big part of the expenses comes from the decorations. Between the flowers and the table settings, these seemingly little details rack up the costs in the end. But with a bit of glue, scissors, and some crafting supplies, you can DIY your wedding and save money.

Plastic serveware is inexpensive and can be used in different kinds of creative projects. With some time and effort, you can turn your fancy plastic tableware into a beautiful bouquet. With some extra elegant plastic tableware, you can take the spoons and turn them into to tulips or other flowers. To make tulips, you will have to cut off the top part of the spoons and glue the sides together. With some paint, you can even make the spoon flowers look like real tulips. Or if you have metallic gold plastic cutlery, you can make a nice golden coated looking flower. In addition, you can transform a cheap ordinary flower vase into something unique. By gluing the top of the spoons to the vase, you can create a bubbled or scale-like effect.

As for another wedding decoration idea, again with the tops of spoons, you can create wreaths for the walls and/or benches. First, you will want to find a circular object to glue the spoons onto. This can range from some sort of ring-like object, disposable plastic plates, or plastic bowls. If you choose to use a plastic plate or bowl, you can also glue pictures of you and your significate other. Or you can cut a hole in the middle to keep the look of a wreath. Then you will start gluing the first row of spoons onto the circular object. After that first row is dry, you can continue to glue the next row in a flower-like pattern. You will repeat this step until you are satisfied with the look of your wreath. You can complete your wreath by adding a bow at the top or bottom of the wreath.

Remember, you don’t have to break the bank for your special day. Make your wedding unique by putting a creative touch on the decorations. By reusing plastic serveware, not only do you put a DIY spin on your wedding, but you are helping the earth.

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