How the Linens Can Make or Break Your Wedding

How the Linens Can Make or Break Your Wedding

It’s your special day. You’ve been planning the event of your life and you want every moment to look just right from the dress all the way down to the table linens for the reception. According to 63% of brides on WeddingWire’s Newlywed Report, there is a lot of pressure to have the perfect wedding. You don’t realize when you start planning your wedding just how much goes into planning each minute detail. Those details go beyond just the colors of the wedding party or even matching the theme with the tablecloths but also to the kinds of fabric, the length, and how to attach those tablecloths to the table.

Table linen hangers can make or break your wedding. These small clips attach to the table and can be used to secure your tablecloths or table skirts. As opposed to using fitted tablecloths, table skirt clips allow you to maintain the grand banquet style wedding reception you have dreamed of without being worried that your young flower girl will think its fun to use the table linens to play princess – dragging your dinner along with her. It’s amazing that one little tablecloth clip can keep your dream wedding from collapsing around you.

Even if you aren’t planning the traditional “banquet hall” style of wedding you will most likely need something to keep your tablecloths in place. In the last 14 years rustic weddings have become increasingly popular. Whether you plan to hold your rustic wedding outside or in a barn you will want to keep yourself free from disaster. Table clips will protect your wedding from those stereotypical issues portrayed in the movies. From a strong gust of wind sending your beautiful table arrangement flying or your favorite pooch getting that one loose end of the tablecloth stuck in his collar, pulling everyone’s dinner on to the ground, you can exist worry free by utilizing table linen hangers.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of wedding you are planning. The variety of tablecloths and clips means you can combine the wedding style you want most and the safety you need to make your day the best day ever!

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