How to Have Creative Wedding Memories

How to Have Creative Wedding Memories

Your wedding day is arguably one of the most special days in life. That said, you need to make creative wedding memories that you will live to remember many years after tying a knot with the love of your life. Ensure you include your close family members and friends in making the memories. Having creative wedding memories starts from the planning process, the actual wedding, and then in the immediate things you do after the wedding, like reception activities and a honeymoon. Here’s how to have creative wedding memories.

1. Choosing a Venue

The venue you choose for your wedding can make or break creative wedding memories. The perfect wedding venue in all aspects is significant in making lasting memories for you, your spouse, and your guests.

The location of your venue should be easily accessible, beautiful, and ideal for amazing photos and videos. Additionally, the venue’s appearance and decor should create an atmosphere that corresponds with your wedding theme. The venue should set your wedding’s tone and mood.

If you fancy doing your wedding in an outdoor space, you can consider choosing a venue with custom decks. Decks can range from simple, one-step designs to complex, multi-step designs. Choose a venue with a deck that fits your arrangement needs and ideas.

If you love dancing, it would be best to choose a venue with an outdoor wedding dance floor. The dance floor should be large enough to accommodate all your guests. Part of the dance should be slightly raised and left aside for the marrying couple.

The wedding venue should also have a unique ceremony seating arrangement and bridal entrance. Adequate parking space and other facilities are an added advantage. The right wedding venue will make your wedding memorable.

2. Destination Wedding Options

The only thing that can limit you when selecting destination wedding options for your big event is your imagination. You can make creative wedding memories by selecting a memorable wedding destination that means a lot to you and your spouse.

There are multiple destination wedding options you can select for your wedding. In the United States, most wedding destinations are in Florida, California, and New York. Although a wedding destination does not have to be overseas, you can still travel overseas if you can afford the costs. Common overseas wedding destinations include Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East.

You can add structures and d├ęcor to the wedding destination to suit your preferences. If the wedding destination is along the beach or somewhere near a water body, you should consider contacting custom dock builders to build customized docks for your wedding.

A dock waterside wedding is a very creative way to create wedding memories if you want to dip your toes in the sand and enjoy a coastal environment on your wedding day. The setting provides a peculiar, one-of-a-kind experience with a beautiful nautical backdrop and an open location. You may also decide to have the wedding in waterfront resorts, yacht charters, and cruise lines.

3. Renting the Venue

While hosting an at-home wedding ceremony is an excellent way for a couple to save money and stay on budget, renting a venue for your wedding can help create unforgettable creative wedding memories. Once you have identified a wedding venue and destination wedding options, you will proceed to rent the place for the event. Many factors come into play when looking for wedding rentals.

The rental venue should be spacious enough to accommodate all the wedding staff and guests. It should also have enough space to install and store things. The venue should have bathrooms and toilets that can be easily accessed via multiple routes.

Contact property management representatives of the venue you want to rent if you need changes, adjustments, or have any questions. These representatives will provide you with quality services because satisfying your needs is their topmost priority.

Rental costs for wedding venues are quite affordable. On average, research indicates that couples spend between $5,000 and $15,000 to rent wedding venues. The cost varies and can be more or lower depending on the size of the venue and available facilities and amenities. The cost could also include other additions provided by the venue owners.

4. What You Need to Bring

To make creative wedding memories, your wedding venue must look good. Thus, you may be required to add things and put final touches on different parts of the venue, especially if it’s rented space. What you bring to the venue can positively impact your wedding outcomes.

If your wedding is in a garden, you will want to look for the best lawn and garden service. You may need to bring landscaping material and garden service to landscape the venue. Professionals can make your lawn healthier and greener. They may also create an amazing landscape design that matches your wedding colors to set the occasion’s tone. They can use flowers as centerpieces to decorate your reception.

On your request, the landscapers can build a dance floor for you and your guests to groove on. They will clean concrete, install lighting, clear pathways, and complete other landscape activities to make your venue ready for the big event.

You may be required to bring rental tables, chairs, furniture cover, decorations, and flowers to complete the wedding setup. You may also need to bring additional rental restrooms if the available ones have inadequate capacity to serve all your guests. All the things you bring to the venue should enhance organization and functionality.

5. Looking Your Best

Looking your best is a must-do thing if you want creative wedding memories. Looking good is more than meets the eye. The clothing you and your spouse wear during the wedding day matters a lot. The couple’s dressing, especially the wedding dress, is the focal point of the entire ceremony. Many people will remember how the bride’s dress looked many years after your wedding. Take time to select the appropriate dressing for your wedding. The bride should complete her look with a crown, heels, and jewelry. After all, looking good is synonymous with feeling good.

Make sure the outfits fit properly and match the general style and theme of your wedding ceremony. You should also look for clothes to wear at the reception while buying the suit and dress. Bring a pair of dancing shoes.

In addition, you can prepare to look good at your wedding by working on your smile. One ingredient of having a beautiful smile is going for dental services. You can receive teeth whitening and enamel shaping to make your smile bright and beautiful. Going to a dentist as a couple is also a great way to bond.

You can look your best by choosing a hairstyle that fits your dressing. Go to the barber or hairdresser in advance for better preparation. You can have a professional manicure and face scrubbing as a couple as well.

Although you may be overwhelmed by emotion, having a good night’s sleep on the night before your wedding will help you look your best the next day. Don’t stay up all night, party, or imbibe alcohol. You don’t want to attend your wedding with a hangover or exhaustion. You need to appear healthy and stronger on your wedding day. Sleep will help you relax and reenergize your body. You can also seek revitalizing treatment before the big day.

Lastly, you could look your best on the wedding day by eating a light meal the night before. A light meal will keep your energy levels in check and protect you from issues attributed to overeating. These preparations will help you look your best when exchanging vows with your lover.

6. Arranging Professional Photography and Videography

You can make sure your wedding memories don’t fade by capturing special moments with photos that will last forever. A photographer will take unlimited photos of your wedding day that you can keep and send to your guests as memorabilia.

To make the photography moments more interesting and fun, you can have your photographer bring a wedding photo booth. Pictures taken in a wedding booth are unique, and guests can have a great time posing with different props available in them.

In addition to photos, videos are an excellent way to document creative wedding memories. Videography experts can capture beautiful moments during the wedding and edit them into captivating videos. The edited parts could cover the whole wedding day, starting with the preparation, transportation to the venue, the wedding ceremony, and the reception. In addition, the videographer could incorporate background music in the videos to make them more interesting.

The photos and videos should capture things, such as the reception space, wedding cake details, toasts, speeches, and the first dance, among other important moments. Make it a habit of going through the album and watching the videos on your wedding anniversary to remind you of the special day. Display your favorite photos on top of your furniture and your walls. You can post some on social media and back them up online to protect them from losses.

7. Incorporating Entertainment

The reception is where most fun actions occur in a wedding ceremony. Great music can create a fun atmosphere. One way to entertain your guests is to invite artists or a band to perform at the ceremony. Live-played music can set the right mood in intimate celebrations like weddings. Live music will also keep the guests engaged.

Apart from inviting artists, you can hire a DJ to entertain your guests. Although music played on the stereo doesn’t match live music, a DJ can create can set the right mood for a reception party. Good music will keep your guests active on the dancefloor, singing and dancing with their partners.

Incorporating the right music into your wedding ceremony by inviting artists or hiring a DJ will make it an unforgettable experience. Your guests will remember the reception many years after your wedding.

8. Prepare Delicious Food and Drinks

Food and drinks will not only make your wedding enjoyable but also memorable. Have fun creating your wedding’s menu. Start with the kind of food you enjoy and would like to eat on your special day. Next, prepare common dishes people enjoy having in wedding ceremonies. You can also ask your caterer to prepare a few international cuisines.

Vegetables don’t have to be boring. They can be cooked properly, seasoned, and served with other food to make them delicious. Incorporating different types of food, including vegetables, will ensure everyone, including your vegetarian family members and friends, have something to eat.

Drinks should never miss in a wedding ceremony. Any ceremony combining food and drinks can attract many people. Include drinks like beer, water, fruit juice, and other types of drinks. Ask your caterer to create a cocktail and mocktail corner where guests can quench their thirst in between events.

9. Time to Read the Contracts

It may not be common knowledge, but certain legal aspects of a wedding must be met to make a ceremony and marriage legal. The requirement for making a wedding ceremony legal are quite straightforward. The marrying couple should apply for a marriage license issued by the state and have a letter of intent to marry. Other contracts like venue rental and catering contracts may also need your attention.

Since you may be busy dealing with other aspects of the wedding ceremony, it would be an excellent idea to let a lawyer handle the legal elements of your wedding and other paperwork. You will not have to worry about the legal processes going haywire if they are in the hands of a professional. Ensure you read the contracts before signing or asking your attorney to sign them for you.

Bottom Line

Following these tips will enable you to have creative wedding memories. Planning is significant in attaining the best outcomes. Contact a wedding organizer if you need help creating a memorable wedding ceremony.

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