What Happens With a Surrogacy Baby?

What Happens With a Surrogacy Baby?

You’re excited about taking your next step as a parent! However, you have some questions about surrogacy and whether it’s the right thing for you. Here are some things to consider before having a surrogacy baby.

Surrogacy involves finding someone to carry your child to until it’s born. Traditional surrogacy involves a sperm donor and a genetic link to the mother.

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If the surrogate isn’t genetically related, then in-vitro fertilization is used. IVF combines the father’s sperm and the mother’s eggs.

Gestational Surrogacy allows different couples to have a surrogacy baby. It’s also an option for women who are unable to carry a child in their uterus. Some women opt for gestational surrogacy because they have health complications that impact their ability to carry a child to term.

Doctors try to make sure that patients understand the risks of having a surrogacy baby. Some doctors will screen the embryo for future health problems before inserting it into the surrogate parent. Complications could impact the child’s quality of life while also causing the surrogate parents to have diabetes, hypertension, or a stroke during delivery.

Doctors recommend that parents avoid choosing a surrogate until they can run a background check. There are emotional risks to consider, especially the possibility that the surrogate may become emotionally attached to the child while carrying it.

These are important factors to consider before having a surrogacy baby. Good luck on your journey.

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