Give Your Home a Good Spring Cleaning with These Donation Tips

Give Your Home a Good Spring Cleaning with These Donation Tips

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With winter weather finally gone, you may be wondering if you should start your spring cleaning. Oftentimes, merely opening the windows to let in some fresh air just isn’t enough. You’ll also need to see where you can remove clutter from your home to make it a more inhabitable place after the long cold months.

One of the best ways to declutter your home is to find items to donate to local charity organizations. Clothing, especially, is useful for donation because it can easily be reused again, and donating clothing to charity is the best way to help divert discarded goods away from landfills. Here are some of the best ways you can spring clean your home and give to worthy causes in your area:

  • Take stock of what you’re not using: Has it been more than a year since you last wore those jeans? Is that dress no longer in style? Make sure to not only go through your closet but those of your family members, too. If your children have outgrown certain outfits, it’s time to let those clothes go to a better home to help families who need them.
  • Research your donation options: Donating clothing may sound like it can only be done one way, but there are options concerning how you donate. You can drop off your donations at the nearest charity to you during their operating hours. A few organizations also have drop boxes, so you can simply drive up and donate. Some charities that provide donations to veterans and their families will even come straight to your door, so you don’t have to lug bags of clothing or large household goods to the nearest charity. This convenient donation pick up option is ideal for busy families, the elderly, the disabled, and anyone who simply has plenty to give.
  • Make donations to organizations you care about: If you have a cause you care about, make sure that you give to it. That can include giving donations to veterans’ services or helping families in need. Donations to veterans, the disabled, or families in need can also give you a tax break, so make sure to get a receipt for your generosity.

Have more questions about how you can best spring clean your home? Get in touch with your local charities to find out more about donating clothing and other goods. You can also leave a comment with us for any general questions.

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