Should you Rent a Limousine or a Party Bus? Here’s How to Decide

Should you Rent a Limousine or a Party Bus? Here’s How to Decide

If you’re thinking about using a party bus or limo service, chances are you’ve got an exciting event on the horizon. Hiring event transportation is a great way to make your occasion even more memorable, and it can also help keep everyone safe by limiting opportunities for drunk driving. However, deciding which type of transportation is best can be tricky. Here are a few helpful questions to ask before booking, so you choose the appropriate service.

What’s the Occasion?

Limos and buses provide two different atmospheres, and make two different statements. In American culture, the limousine is an obvious symbol of wealth, luxury and style– making the vehicle a popular choice for occasions of similar status. Simply put, It makes sense to rent a limo for proms, weddings, and galas. Limousine services are even used to transport close family members at funerals, an occasion for which a party bus would likely be… inappropriate.

Limos can also be inappropriate, depending on the event. If the event you’re hoping to use group transport for doesn’t involve an elevated dress code, renting a limo could be over-the-top. Some events fall in between; for example, a bachelorette party visiting a cocktail lounge in Vegas would be make great use of a limo, but a bachelorette party dressed in athletic gear for a group spin class might look silly climbing into a limousine.

How Many People?

The original limousines seated only four people, and today the average limo seats about ten people. However, limos range in size, from small limos for a handful of passengers to stretch limousines that carry up to 20. If you’re thinking about renting a limo, double check that the limo service you’re considering has vehicles with the right amount of seating, so you don’t overpay or end up leaving a fellow passenger behind.

Party buses also come in a range of sizes, but commonly offer more room than a limo. Although mini buses and 20-passenger smaller options exist, large buses can hold 40 passengers and beyond.

Different numbers means different atmospheres– a limousine can create an intimate conversation with other passengers, and tinted windows add to the private, close feeling. In contrast, event buses allow passengers to stand, move around, and even dance, making them essentially moving parties!

By keeping the mood and size of the occasion in mind while selecting party transportation, you can ensure that everyone has a great time and gets home safely.

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