Tips For Creating Wedding Memories That Last

Tips For Creating Wedding Memories That Last

The day you tie a knot with the love of your life in a wedding ceremony will be one of your best days ever. That said, you should make it as memorable as possible and keep the memories alive for many years to come. But how do you achieve this? Here are a few tips sourced from event planning notebooks to help you create wedding memories that last.

1. Select a Special Location

The venue you select for your wedding is important in making it unforgettable. Selecting a good location will set the tone of your ceremony and keep guests happy. Your selection will depend on your budget, needs, and preference. Another factor determining your location selection is whether your ceremony and reception will be in the same venue. You will choose different venues if you want the events to be in separate locations. You can select natural parks, beaches, islands, or even your yard if you love nature. You can also decide to do a church wedding in one of the prefab church buildings in your neighborhood.

Do due diligence to select the most suitable venue. Start looking for the venue one year before your planned wedding date to avoid last-minute delays. Review the venues on your event planning notebook and select the most suitable one for your event. The venue you select should be spacious enough to accommodate all your guests and wedding necessities. It should also be stylish and have adequate parking space. Call elevator repair services and other services to prepare your venue before the big day. For all your family and friends to attend, it would be best to select an accessible venue.

2. Plan a Bridal Shower Event

The events you organize and attend in preparation for your wedding ceremony are pertinent in making your wedding day remarkable. One of the events you can organize is a bridal shower occasion to celebrate the bride’s upcoming wedding. The event is an excellent time for guests to gift the couple. The bride or her family and friends can organize the party, and the groom is free to attend.

Select a unique bridal shower venue and introduce a dressing code to make it memorable. If the bride decides to have the event in their home, call an arborists company and review exterior house trim options to prepare and decorate the venue for the event. Create a playlist containing the bride’s favorite songs and other hits to get everyone in the mood. Establish a theme to set the tone of your party and prepare delicious foods and fun activities to make the event interactive.

3. Add Wedding Decor

No matter how beautiful your venue is, adding decor should be in your event planning notebook to make your wedding memorable. You can use multiple wedding accessories ranging from table decorations to floral displays. Your decor should match or complement your wedding theme and dressing color as a general rule of thumb. Create a unique touch on your reception hall by customizing your tables and chairs. Using laminating tables and stands is a great way to decorate your dining tables.

Adding flowers to your space is a creative and cost-effective way to decorate your reception and create a memorable atmosphere. Place floral centerpieces on tables and stands. Position dramatic flowers and a few pot plants in different parts of your reception to increase aesthetics. Transform your venue by lighting it up and mounting arts on your walls to make a beautiful backdrop. Consider any existing features available in the venue like hardscapes during decoration.

4. Prepare Delicious Food

The most vital part of the wedding reception is the food you prepare for your guests. Besides taste and presentation, serving sumptuous food at your wedding will make it memorable as your guests will always be talking about the food. Create a menu with tasty food and mouthwatering drinks. Work with a catering service to help you make a list of foods to prepare for the celebration. The main courses you can have your caterer prepare include mac and cheese, pork sandwiches, meatballs, grilled barbecue, and roasted potatoes.

Determine your guests’ dietary needs and jot them down in your event planning notebook. You should inform your caterer about any allergies your guests may have. While you cannot eliminate allergy-causing food, prepare alternative food for your guests. Creatively introduce snacks in your reception venue by setting up a popcorn station, an ice cream bar, a pizza platter, or a donut table.

5. Provide Gifts

While it is customary for guests to give the marrying couples some gifts, gifting your invitees a few souvenirs will go a long way in making your wedding memorable. Give them special gifts that will remind them of your wedding forever. Since they are people you know, it would be good to customize the gifts based on what they like.

Instead of gifting edibles and other temporary things provide durable gifts like pets, custom t shirt printing, books, jewelry, and live plants. The gift should be appropriate to the guests and symbolize how much you appreciate their presence on your wedding day. The objective is to offer your guests something they will cherish and make them remember your wedding day for many years.

6. Hire a Professional Photographer

Professional photography should be a must-have item in your wedding event planning notebook. A photographer will capture every detail on your most important day from the beginning to the end. Pictures last a lifetime, meaning you can show them to your friends, children, grandchildren years after your wedding.

Thanks to advanced technology, your wedding can be captured in multiple styles and formats that will help tell a story about your wedding day. To spice things up, create a wedding booth where guests can take pictures. Also, offer to take pictures with guests. Work with a reputable photographer with experience in shooting wedding events. Look for them online or ask for referrals from family and friends. Ask your photographer to create framed pictures and albums to help preserve the photos for long.

7. Look for a Professional Videographer

Apart from photography, videography is also significant in making a wedding unforgettable. The good thing about hiring a videographer is that you will receive full coverage of your celebration. A professional videographer will edit the videos and create highlights and teasers covering the most enjoyable parts of your day. You can receive the videos in the form of discs and tapes. Store original copies and send some to your guests as well. Watching the wedding, hearing the vows and speeches, and seeing people having fun will relive the day every time you or your guests watch your wedding footage.

Hire a professional photographer with good knowledge, skills, and experience in shooting videos. With advanced technology, wedding videographers have access to high-technology cameras and drones that can capture amazing videos of your day. Tell your videographer what you want them to capture and ensure their cost is within your budget and equitable to the quality of their services.

8. Order a Statement Cake

A wedding cake cannot be missed in an event planning notebook. The cake you order at your wedding can get people talking for many years after the occasion. Make a big statement with your cake by designing it to complement your decor and reflect your personality simultaneously. It is recommended that couples look for a wedding cake designer four or six months before the wedding.

A referral is a great way to find a good designer that will make you the wedding cake of your dreams. Work with the designer to create a good cake design with everything you want. A tasty and stylish cake will satisfy your guests’ cravings and be the highlight of your wedding day for you and your guests.

9. Incorporate Entertainment

To further increase the fun at your wedding reception, give your guests a blast by incorporating engaging entertainment activities into the fete. If you can’t settle on one entertainment activity, settle on two or three things that will keep guests entertained throughout the event.

One creative and cheap way to entertain your guests and make the day gratifying is to include games in your wedding reception. Some of the best games you can have at the party include Jenga, Connect Four, and Corn Hole. In addition to games, you can hire a DJ to play music at your wedding party. A DJ knows how to get people on their feet and control the atmosphere. Give the entertainer a list of songs you would like them to include in the wedding playlist.

You and your partner can also show guests your creativity by creating a special song and dance for the event. Select a song that means a lot to both of you and choose a simple yet fun dancing move that guests can quickly master. A straightforward dance move will be memorable to your guest, who will dance the moves days after your big day.

Another entertainment option that will make your wedding memorable is a live performance. Book your favorite artist or band and have them perform in your event. Live performance is also effective in energizing the audience and thrilling the atmosphere. Don’t forget about kids attending the event when planning fun activities for guests in your event planning notebook. Create kid-friendly activities by equipping the event with toys and crayons. Older children can play cards or monopoly. Keeping everyone busy with games will make the event more exciting.

10. Plan a Honeymoon

After months of planning a wedding and actually doing it, going for a honeymoon is necessary for relaxing and extending the celebration. Planning a honeymoon should be given high priority in your event planning notebook. There are many places to select for your honeymoon based on your needs, time, budget, and activities you want to do.

A couple that loves fishing can go for a deep sea fishing vacation in the middle of the ocean using a luxury yacht cruise. Sports enthusiasts can watch a tournament of their favorite sports. Vehicle lovers can choose to go to neighborhoods with vehicle companies and jet ski repair shops. Selecting a good honeymoon location with activities you both enjoy will give your experiences that you will remember your entire life.

11. Work with a Wedding Planner

Seeking the services of a wedding planner can help make your wedding memorable. While working with a wedding planner is relatively costly, working with one has many benefits. A professional planner is trained and experienced in planning a wedding event based on a couple’s specifications. They will take care of everything, from booking the event and talking with vendors to contracting catering services.

You won’t worry about anything, and you will be at ease knowing your event is in the hands of a professional who knows what they are doing. Be sure to work closely with your planner. Compare your event planning notebooks and meet regularly to discuss issues and make plans. Again, ensure the planner is qualified enough to handle your event. Ask for references and testimonials from past clients before hiring a wedding planner.

12. Unique Entrance and Exit

The way a couple enters and exits their wedding ceremony can make it outstanding. It would be best to break the rules and create a peculiar entry and exit that will leave people talking. For instance, the bride can create a show by performing a grand silhouette entrance. Have a song play as the bride walks down the aisle. The couple can exit in style using artistic send-off ideas. Fireworks, sparkles, and falling leaves are simpler but exhilarating ways to leave a wedding venue.

Have a Memorable Wedding

Including these tips in your event planning notebook will help you organize a wedding with lasting memories. Since you will probably have only one wedding in your life, make it count. Contact professionals if you need help or have any questions.

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