Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must Haves

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must Haves

A wedding day emergency kit is the first step that will help you fix any problems you might encounter at your wedding. There are so many things that can go wrong. From a broken earring to spilling something on your dress, you need to be ready to counter anything that wants to get in the way of having a perfect wedding day.

Why You Need an Emergency Kit

Having a small kit that will solve common wedding day disasters is a good starting point. Not only will this kit give you solutions to common wedding day problems, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that you are ready for anything. A lot of planning goes into your wedding day. So taking the extra step to ensure you are prepared will help make you feel totally calm.

A wedding day emergency kit also eliminates the need to run last-minute errands for things you may have forgotten. But what should be included in this toolkit? Here are some of the wedding day emergency kit must haves.

Bridal Handkerchief

Wedding are very emotional events. As such, it’s not too far-fetched to assume that you may end up crying on yours. When this happens, you don’t want to be seen with a bunch of ratty old tissues. Instead, choose a bridal handkerchief with some blue on it. That way, it can also double up as “something blue.” You must also ensure that the groom has a handkerchief.

Small Sewing Kit

This is an absolute winner on the list of wedding day emergency kit must haves. Your wedding emergency kit must feature a mini sewing kit. Don’t forget to include small scissors and safety pins as well. You never know when you will get a tear in your wedding dress. Having a mini sewing kit in your wedding emergency kit will help you stay at ease. If anything happens, everything you need to fix your dresses will be right on hand.


Worried about what will happen if you end up with a broken hem? Worry no more. All you need is to throw some masking tape into your wedding emergency kit. This makes for an easy fix for such problems. If one of you trips and tears the hem of their dress, you can fix the issue before she makes it down the aisle. In the pictures, you may not even be able to tell that the dress was torn. Fashion tape is also a great addition. It can come in quite handy for more than just your dresses. It can be used for lots of things.

Krazy Glue

Glue has lots of uses. Whether you want to fix your broken nail or something unexpected on your clothing, Krazy Glue works wonders. It’s quite affordable and very easy to carry around. You can even pass by the dollar store to get some. You probably think that this is something you may not have to use, but you never know. A wedding emergency kit is a must have, and glue is one item you must never be caught without. Krazy glue works wonders in different situations. Even an architecture company will find a use for it.

A Small Makeup Kit for Touch-Ups

As you do your hair and makeup trials with your squad, you should determine what products you plan to wear on the big day. That way, you can stock up on a few travel-sized items. What will happen if your makeup shifts during the reception and ceremony? If you have a few key products in your emergency kit, you can find ways to prolong your look.

Some of the wedding day emergency kit must haves include concealer, blotting pads, mascara, and setting spray. All of these can come in quite handy when something goes wrong with your makeup. You should also ask the makeup artist for a small vial of your lip color for reapplication. This should be kept by the maid of honor so she can do some lip touchups before big moments.

Extra Earrings

Backup earrings are not a popular thing. However, they are quite necessary. Of course, you will select a special pair for your wedding day. But you will still need a smaller, more comfortable pair. These can be major lifesavers. Your main earrings can get a bit heavy. Instead of being uncomfortable the entire day, you can rely on your backups. They will also come in quite handy if you break your main earrings or they get lost on the day.

Jewelry Cleaner

Your need your jewelry to be in top shape on your wedding day. This is why it makes sense to pack a cleaning kit in your wedding day emergency kit. Some of your friends and family may want to take your hand and hold your ring. Photographers might also want to take up some close-ups of your jewelry. This makes it super easy to notice if the jewelry isn’t clean. You don’t want to end up with pictures and videos that don’t fully capture your diamond’s sparkle. You want your jewelry design and beauty to be properly captured.

Bottle of Water

It’s possible to get very thirsty on your wedding day. There’s a lot you need to do, from talking to preparing. This is why you need to ensure that you have something to drink close by. Water is perfect for your wedding day. It’s safe, which makes it one of the wedding day emergency kit must haves. Even if it spills on your dress, there won’t be any issues. You don’t need to worry about it staining your dress.

Granola Bar

You don’t want to end up passing out on your wedding day due to hunger. You may be too busy to even grab something to eat. Now imagine standing in front of people with a rumbling stomach. Instead of starving to death or sending someone to the nearest pizzeria, having some nice snacks in your kit will save time and money. A granola bar is one of the wedding day emergency kit must haves.

Straws for Drinking

Straws are not just for picnics. They should be part of your wedding day emergency kit must haves. You may feel like drinking water at your wedding. Instead of smearing your lipstick, and straw can help you drink smarter. You don’t want to keep making touchups to your lipstick and makeup. When you have a straw, you can just plop it into your drink and drink without smudging.

A Charged Cellphone

This is one of the wedding day emergency kit must haves. Emergencies usually mean you need to reach out to the people who can provide solutions. For instance, you may need to make some emergency calls to vendors. For this, you will need a charged phone. You must also remember to bring a cellphone charger with you. There are some events where you may not need a phone, but your wedding day is definitely not one of them.

Extra Cash

Even if you are thorough, you will never guess what else may happen on your wedding day. As such, it’s always important to carry some extra cash with you. Depending on where the wedding is, some places may not take plastic money. Hard cash can come in handy if you want to pay for something. Maybe you want to grab a drink from the vending machine, or you want to buy something that you desperately need; a few bucks will save you a lot of trouble.

Stain Remover Stick

Stains can ruin your look. If you have an outdoor wedding, birds can invite themselves to your reception. It won’t be fun when they poop all over your dress while you are about to pose for pictures. You will need something to deal with such emergencies. Instead of panicking and being a hysterical mess, you can simply pull out your stain remover pens, and you will look good as new in no time at all. These are capable of removing most stains, and you can go back to enjoying yourself again. This is why they are part of the wedding day emergency kit must haves.

Dress Weights

Dress weights should be on the list of your wedding day emergency kit must haves. They are especially important if you are going to be exchanging vows in a windy climate. Remember that dress weights are not for you only. You should have enough for your bridesmaids and even your guests. Most people who go for outdoor or destination weddings end up wishing they had brought dress weights with them. If you go without, the wind will definitely play tricks on your dresses.

Your wedding dress skirt may not succumb to the wind. However, the same cannot be said about your rehearsal dinner dresses. Fortunately, all you need to do to prevent a disaster is attach the weights discreetly to the interior hem of the skirts. Dress weights are also perfect for reception outfits and bridesmaid gowns. You can think of them as wedding day wardrobe staples. Once a situation that calls for them arises, you will be glad you brought some. Just peel, attach, and rush back to the dance floor.

Additional Items

Apart from all these large items, you must also fill your wedding day emergency kit with a bunch of handy essentials and small toiletries. These are some of the wedding day emergency kit must haves. You can create a checklist to ensure that your kit has everything you need. Some of the things you may need include, but are not limited to, bobby pins, safety pins, band-aids, hairsprays, floss, nail polish, deodorant, pads or tampons, pain reliever, antacids, lint roller, hand lotion, tweezers, bug spray, sunscreen, static guard, tissues, toothbrush and toothpaste, phone charger, blister balm, and small snacks. You never know when any of these items will come in handy. One thing you can be sure of is when the need arises, you will be glad you took the time to prepare.

When to Start Packing the Emergency Kit

It’s a good idea to start packing your wedding day emergency kit in the weeks leading up to the big day. One thing to keep in mind is that you are likely to get very busy as the day draws closer. To not end up very stressed, you should start adding things to your kit as early as possible. This also leaves room for little error. That’s the advantage of doing things ahead of time.

There are so many things to worry about as your wedding day approaches. From things like auto detailing and auto repair to getting new wheels, you don’t want to make the wedding day emergency kit another last-minute prep. Do it ahead of time. This will ensure that you have enough time to relax and get an ionic foot bath or necessary auto detailing before your wedding.

All events need lots of planning, even funerals. For instance, if you have a pet, you may want to figure out where to take it during your wedding. There are lots of options for dog care when you are away. You can even send your pet to a dog trainer during your wedding weekend. By the time you figure all of this out, your wedding day emergency kit should be ready.

As the bride, you mustn’t worry about who should keep the tool kit on your wedding day. You already have lots of things to worry about, so it’s better not to add more. Instead, you should assign someone else to keep track of the emergency kit. Find someone who is responsible and trustworthy to give your wedding day emergency kit. This can be your maid of honor, a best friend, or one of your family members.

If you have a wedding planner, it’s a good idea to give them the wedding day emergency kit. What matters most is that you give the kit to someone you can trust. That way, you can enjoy a stress-free wedding. This kit isn’t just for the actual wedding day. You should carry it with you to all of your wedding events. It should be present during the rehearsal dinner and the farewell brunch as well.

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