How to Have the Ultimate Wedding Experience

How to Have the Ultimate Wedding Experience

How To Have The Ultimate Wedding Experience

Planning a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s full of excitement, joy, love, and a fair amount of stress. You want everything to be perfect from the dress and flowers to the music and food. It’s a lot of work trying to pull together a fantastic day that everyone will remember.

There are so many things to consider. So many people to make happy and accommodating. It can be a lot, and some important details may get lost along the way. Well don’t fret, we are here to help with a handy guide to having the ultimate wedding experience.

1. Book Entertainment

Music is key to having the ultimate wedding experience. You’ll need to decide if you want a band or a wedding DJ. Some people go all out and do both! But most people stick to one or the other.

Your decision should be based on a few factors, not the least being your budget. Bands are more expensive than a DJ. They can sometimes cost upwards of $10,000. Then there’s the size of your venue. A DJ will take up much less space than a band. Consider as well the age range of your guests and what you think they’d like to have. Even though it’s your day, remember you have guests to entertain as well.

Music is not the only form of entertainment at weddings. There’s a plethora of fun to be had in addition to dancing and singing. You could have a photo booth, so guests can take some silly pics as keepsakes. You can also consider karaoke, trivia, and performers like dancers or comedians. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, fireworks are always a nice touch, and lawn games are sure to be fun.

2. Have An Epic Entrance

One of the highlights of everyone’s ultimate wedding experience is by far the big entrance. The first time a couple is introduced as officially married is always special. While there’s not a thing wrong with simply emerging arm in arm and waving, some couples like to do a little extra. Just like the other details of your wedding, the entrance should reflect who you both are.

You can keep it cool with a high-five line or make it sentimental and include your parents. If you like performing or just being funny, you may want to consider a choreographed dance or skit. Some couples have even been known to pop out of a cake, descend from a helicopter, break down a faux door, or ride in on a motorcycle. Another popular entrance involves using a golf cart service that will decorate the cart, so you can roll on into your future. Whatever you decide to do, make it a memorable experience to kick off the party.

3. Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

Chances are if you’re a soon-to-be bride you’ve had an idea about the type of dress you want since you were in grade school. Even still finding the perfect dress can wear you down. You may know what style you want, but finding is a whole other issue. The best way to start is the old-fashioned way.

Get yourself a bunch of bridal magazines and let her rip (the pages that is). Compile a folder with your favorites. Then take your wedding entourage and start visiting shops. It’s important to get recommendations for this project. Ask married friends, check reviews online, and consult with people in the industry.

Sadly, there’s been too many stories of brides getting taken advantage of. Once you know you’re working with reputable shops, sit down and talk with the owners. Explain to them what you’re looking for and share the magazine samples with them. Make sure that you’re comfortable with the owner and whoever will be tailoring the dress. They should be personable, professional, and patient.

Don’t be afraid to try on several dresses and take pictures of them all. Ask your friends for their opinions, but keep in mind that you’re the one who needs to wear it. The dress should make you feel like the queen you will be, but it should also be comfortable and functional. Make sure that you can sit, dance, and do everything else you need to do while wearing it.

After all is said and done be sure to take your dress to a local dry cleaner as soon as possible. Inform them about any stains or tears. They will be able to tell you the best way to preserve your gown for years to come.

4. Pamper Yourself Before!

Both of you deserve to look and feel your best at the wedding, so prep accordingly. By this, we mean pamper yourself every chance you get before the big day. Going for hair services is a given, but why not hire a nail tech or two to come to your house and treat the entire wedding party to manicures and pedicures? It’s a way to pamper yourself while giving a nice gift as well.

If you’ve got some unsightly acne or skin tags you need to get rid of try some cryotherapy. This cold therapy can also help relieve pain by boosting natural endorphin levels. You can also grab a few of your favorite people and spend the day at the spa. Just make sure if anyone in the wedding party is getting a facial that it’s at least 4–5 days before the big day.

If a full-on spa day is not in your budget, go grab a massage. Another way to pamper yourself as well as your betrothed is to have a quiet night or weekend all to yourselves with no talk of wedding plans. Keep in mind pampering doesn’t always need to be expensive. Invite some of your wedding party over for a movie night, order some food, and open a bottle of bubbly.

If the stress of planning is getting to you, consider taking a mental health day off from work. Turn off the alarm, get some extra sleep, binge-watch a show, or go shopping. Remember that pampering yourself is not selfish or indulgent, but a way to help relieve anxiety during this pressure-filled time.

5. Pay Attention To The Details

Details are those things that you may overlook when planning your ultimate wedding experience, but they can make or break your day. One of the most important details is researching excellent printing companies. The last thing you need is wedding invitations with mistakes on them, like the wrong day or time. The horror!

Another important detail you need to pay attention to is the flowers. Make sure to employ the services of a florist who is experienced with weddings. Remember that wedding flowers are much more than a bouquet and a few centerpieces. You’ll need to get flowers for the entire wedding party, including parents, grandparents, and any other special people.

Party favors are another detail you need to think carefully about. You can choose to do your own homemade favors like picture frames or get something mass-produced, like bottles of wine with your own label. Some people forego a physical gift and make a donation to charity in all the guest’s names. Again, this is something that should be unique and reflect who you are while expressing your thanks to the guests.

Other details you need to think about include accommodations for out-of-town guests, transportation, and special dietary needs of those attending the event. There are so many things to think about it can be overwhelming. A good place to start is to download a wedding planning checklist. They are offered for free from many wedding related websites.

6. Keep It Going With An After Party

It’s a night that you want to last forever. But, the ultimate wedding experience must come to an end, at least at the original venue. While you can’t make it last an eternity, the party doesn’t have to stop when time is up at your original spot. Grab who wants to come along and hit a club or local sports bar.

You can also go to the beach or lake and have a post-wedding celebration. Renting a hotel suite is always a good way to extend the celebration too. If you’re more of a homebody or your budget is depleted, invite some people back to your house and reflect on the night for a few hours over some drinks and snacks. Whatever you decide to do after the wedding, it can become an anniversary tradition for years to come.

7. Take Great Pictures

Pictures are what you’ll have to remind you of your special day for decades to come. They’re what you’ll break out when trying to describe your ultimate wedding experience to any children and grandchildren you may have. They will take center stage on the walls and mantles of your home. The thank-you notes to guests will be stuffed with the best of the best photographic moments.

For these reasons and more, you need to make sure to take great pictures. This involves hiring a reputable, experienced wedding photographer. There are some things you can scrimp on at a wedding, but photographs are not one of them. After you’ve chosen a photographer, they’ll go over what packages they offer.

Most will allow you to have the proofs after the work is completed. It’s a good idea to put them in a safe place in case something should happen to the prints you have displayed. As for the pictures themselves, you’ll want a nice mix of formal, informal, action, and just plain silly. Be sure to have a formal portrait of each side of the family with the happy couple.

Most professional wedding photographers know what shots to take to create a beautiful album. If you want anything special let them know ahead of time, so they can work it in during the wedding. Many people opt for pre-wedding photos that are taken at a park or at someone’s house. If you’re going with at-home photos, do yourself a favor and invest in some general landscaping and tree care ahead of time. Nothing can ruin a great photo more than some raggedy trees and overgrown grass.

Other than that, don’t be afraid to have fun when taking the pictures. Don’t forget to leave some classic disposable cameras on the tables too. It’s a great way to see your wedding from the guest’s point of view.

8. Make Sure To Plan For After

This is not the most enjoyable part of planning your ultimate wedding experience, but it’s necessary. Planning for what comes after the wedding is pretty much the point of the entire celebration. You’re starting your lives together and with that, there are some things to take care of.

You’ll need to fill out a ton of paperwork for insurance, taxes, and other official documents. Then you’ll need to change names on identifications and at work. The two of you will also need to sit down and discuss estate planning. For this part, you may want to enlist the help of an experienced estate lawyer.

9. Consider A Unique Venue

More than anything else, choosing the right venue for your wedding is the most important choice you’ll make. A lot of it will hinge on your budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful and unique spot for your ultimate wedding experience. People have had gorgeous yet inexpensive weddings on beaches, backyards, and even rustic barns.

If money is less of a concern you may want to consider a destination wedding or look into boat charters. Some other ideas include historic estates, vineyards, parks, museums, or art galleries. Be sure to look at several options before deciding. Choose one that you can afford, are comfortable in, and can accommodate all your guests.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life. It’s the beginning of a partnership that will grow and become stronger with time. So be sure to plan carefully and remember to compromise with your partner when making decisions. It will be good practice for later on. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the process.

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